This is currently at Hulu. It’s the top page for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which has been there for the past few years. Angel’s been there, too.

Now, both shows will be removed on March 21st. This was after both shows were renewed on Hulu last month.
They could be renewed again, but it shouldn’t be for a month. It should be a year at least, because it’s not quite certain what will happen to Hulu next year.

The service is jointly owned by Disney and Comcast. It’s mainly the home of FX programming and ABC shows after they air on regular TV. There’s also original shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, History of the World Part II, The Dropout and Dopesick.

There has been some speculation Disney will trade its share to get the rights to Hulk and Namor, and have them be full-time characters in the Marvel-Verse.
It’s not that unusual. ESPN traded Al Michaels to NBC so that Disney could make cartoons with Oswald the Rabbit (which Walt Disney invented but Universal wound up getting).

If Disney gives up Hulu to Comcast, where does that leave Buffy and Angel? Will Comcast merge Hulu with Peacock? Can Disney Plus pick up Hulu’s shows, or make another channel for them? Some Hulu shows may not fit Disney Plus’ programming goals, especially American Horror Story, Snowfall or Sons of Anarchy.
Ironically, those shows, including Buffy and Angel, fit perfectly in international versions of Disney Plus. Why not here?

It’ll be quite a while until a final decision is made on Hulu, and the fates of Buffy and Angel. They’re still available on Amazon Prime Video for two bucks an episode or 20 dollars per season.
At least they’re still on DVDs.

UPDATE: Once again, Hulu has decided to keep Buffy and Angel. Again, both should stay until the final fate of Hulu is decided next year…PERIOD!

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