So, what happened?
Moon Knight has taken a wild turn at the end of episode four.
The previous week, it looked like Khonshu was banished because Arthur Harrow duped some gullible Egyptian gods into trusting him.
Now, it looks like Harrow has won….or it was all a dream.
It’s not. Let’s recap.


Episode three, “The Friendly Type”, had Marc (Oscar Isaac) trying to stop Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from finding the tomb of Ammit in his quest to erase evil from the world, even if it means killing those who are not evil yet. Marc tries to clobber anyone who might be connected to Harrow, even though the Steven side of him tries to stop him At one point, someone gets stabbed, which is a shock to Marc and Steven. This suggested the third personality, Jake, may be emerging.
Layla (May Calamawy) tracks him down somehow to Egypt, but Marc wants her away from his mission. He’s still worried Khonshu will possess her, but she is quite able to handle herself. Maybe there’s another reason behind his concern.

So far, things have been too easy for Harrow. He easily convinces the Ennead (council of Egyptian Gods) that Khonshu shouldn’t be trusted or Marc (who supposedly doesn’t know his name). Harrow is convinced he’s the savior because no one has proven he’s wrong. The fact that Khonshu speaks through Marc in a loud and arrogant voice doesn’t help. At least one god’s avatar is skeptical enough to tell Marc that Ammit’s tomb may be in a sarcophagus identified as Senfu. However, some “collector” named Mogart has it.

They’re able to track him down, but Harrow gets there, too. It’s followed by an intense fight, interrupted when Steven (as Mr. Knight) tries to call it off. Being stabbed a few times changes his mind.
Of course, Harrow gets the sarcophagus. Marc still gets some info about where Ammit’s tomb may be (thanks to Steven), but doesn’t know enough to break the code. The Stephen side of him (through a reflection) helps him identify a star pattern, but not enough to help him. Khonshu helps by recreating an ancient star pattern that shows where the tomb is. However, it also changes the moon phase, which upsets the gods and convinces them to seal Khonshu to stone. That means no more Moon Knight.

This is followed by “The Tomb”, which has a bigger impact. Steven has taken over his body from Marc, and will not let go. He joins Layla in the search for Ammit’s tomb, and tells her about Marc’s fears for her. Marc’s not happy about that….or the fact Steven kisses Layla. Still, Steven is willing to help because this has been pretty exciting for him. It’s also interesting Marc has the fighting skills, but his Steven side has the valuable archeological info that’s very important. They have to work together, but they both say they own the body they are in. If there really is a third personality, then it gets scary.

Much of the episode is pretty dark, to show that Steven and Layla really don’t know what’s waiting inside the tomb. There’s a very scary scene where she barely beats a mummy or creature inside the tomb, narrowly avoiding a very deep hole.
It’s Steven that makes the bigger discoveries. He wonders why there’s some Macedonian items in an Egyptian tomb. Then he figures he found Alexander the Great’s tomb, and that it looks like Ammit chose him as her Avatar.

Meanwhile, Harrow finds Layla, and taunts her about her father. He makes her think Marc killed her father (again, way too easily). When she confronts Marc/Steven, he says he didn’t kill her dad but his “partner” did when he got too greedy.
Harrow arrives, and kills Marc because he “can’t help anyone who can’t help himself”. We see his body, floating in water and heading towards a light….that turns into a scene from an Indiana Jones knockoff movie featuring a hero named Steven Grant.

Someone is watching this in a mental facility, drugged and in a wheelchair.
It’s Marc/Steven, and Layla is a fellow patient. Then he’s interviewed by his shrink….Harrow!
Wait….was this all a dream?
Sounds like a certain episode of Buffy.

Harrow tells Marc that he was drugged because he’s uncontrollable. Then he explains how the real world isn’t material but psychic, which may have been a slip. Marc sees several items including a pyramid, cupcakes, a goldfish, and a cane, suggesting his surroundings are the illusion. He gets away, and finds a sarcophagus with someone trying to get out.

It’s none other than Steven, and for once they’re glad to see each other. They still don’t quite understand, but they know they’re in a very different place. They see a third sarcophagus (with Jake inside?), and then run into this.

And fans thought Loki meeting four other versions of himself was wild. Marc/Steven wouldn’t scream seeing that. This goddess is another matter.

Actually, there is an explanation. Marc finding himself in a mental ward is a callback to the comics, and how he wound up there thanks to Khonshu. The hippo god is Taweret, the goddess of fertility and rejuvenation. This might be the start of some important therapy for the many faces of Marc Spector.
What is the goal here, though? Does Taweret hope to merge the personalities plus Khonshu to stop Harrow? If so, what happens when Harrow becomes the avatar to Ammit? If he expects to be Harrow the Great, he’s getting a big surprise.

Moon Knight airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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