The name of the episode is “So this is Christmas?”
Fans will know what certain people have done…like a mom who thinks she’s a survivor, an assassin who wants to avenge her sister, a deaf woman who wants the truth, and a large man who may be connected with all of them.


At one point in the episode, Clint tells Kate that being an Avenger, or even him, isn’t easy. It means being lonely, getting hurt and making very difficult decisions. She says she is prepared for that, but later realizes it’s an “inconvenient” but necessary part of the job.

It turns out the picture and text from last week really did come from Yelena (Florence Pugh). Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) is in league with Kingpin Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) because her husband borrowed of money a lot from him. She admits this arrangement was necessary, but she wants out now that she’s paid off the debt several times over. Too bad no one walks away from Fisk, or else. After all, he owns New York.
There’s also the fact she killed Armand Duquesne, not Jack (Tony Dalton). That’ll be important.

Maya (Alaqua Cox) also talks to Fisk, wanting some time off. He agrees, and tells Razi (Fre Fee) to kill Clint. He won’t be the only one.

The showdown happens at a holiday party which seems to be at 30 Rock, complete with Christmas tree and skating rink. Kate and Clint (and a new set of trick arrows), along with a few LARPer friends including Grills, are there. So is Jack, who’s out on bail. He also has a sword for some reason. Yelena also shows up in a nice green coat. She still has to kill Clint, though.

The action, though, happens outside when Razi tries to kill Clint. That turns the party into a battle. Kate tells her mom and Jack to stay in the kitchen while the battle continues.
Then Kate tries to stop Yelena, which leads to an interesting fight, occasionally interrupted by compliments. They even try to fight in an elevator, but fail to recreate that fight in Winter Soldier.

Eleanor tries to get away, while Jack surprises everyone by saving Kate with his sword. Since Eleanor killed his uncle, he’s lucky to have the chance to help out.

Clint’s still in trouble, having a battle with Razi then trying to avoid Yelena’s bullets. He lands in the big Christmas tree, but Kate gets him down by taking down the tree.
Then, they hold off the Tracksuit Mafia with arrows that do everything from freezing legs and magnetizing guns to shrinking a truck really small. It was last seen picked up by an owl headed…somewhere.

The episode eventually boils down to three fights. The first is Kate vs. Fisk, where he has the upper hand because of his size and strength. Not even Eleanor trying to run him over stop him…or Kate’s arrows. What does stop him is Clint’s coin flip trick that sets off enough arrows to knock him out with a big blast. Eleanor tries to explain she had to make some unwise decisions to survive, but didn’t think Kate would survive. Actually, she can, and make tough decisions like telling the cops what her mom did. At least Eleanor’s last words sound SO much like a mom: “Is this what heroes do? Arrest their mother at Christmas?”
The answer, of course, is yes. Sorry, mom.

The second fight is Maya against Razi. She suspects that someone else kill her dad, and Razi lied. He says he wanted her out of his illegal life because “I can’t walk in both worlds”. She is still angry, but winds up accidentally killing him with an arrow. She is shocked, and this will hit her hard.

The most interesting fight is Yelena vs. Clint. She wants to know what happened in Vormir, but will not accept his explanations. She couldn’t believe Natasha would sacrifice herself for him. However, her anger is also based on the fact that Natasha’s gone, and she couldn’t change anything. After all, she was caught in the Blip.
Finally, Clint does the Romanoff Whistle, and that stops Yelena in her tracks. She sees Natasha did what she did to save Clint and bring Yelena back. She doesn’t like it, but it’s one of those hard decisions. Once again, Florence proves to be part of the future of the MCU. Let’s hope Miss Belova will be back very soon.

Then Maya confronts Fisk. He tries to remind her they’re family, but all that’s heard is a gunshot. Let’s just say he’ll most likely survive that, but the loss of Maya will hurt more.
Some may be a bit disappointed Fisk was only there for one episode, but this was his comeback. It’s certain that he’s planning a stronger reminder to the world who he is. That might be connected to the Echo series that’s being planned

So, Clint gets home on time for Christmas after all, and burns his Ronin suit. It’s also revealed the Rolex belonged to Agent 19, aka Laura Barton (Linda Cardinelli). The End.

Or is it? What shocking event will be shown in the post-credits scene, signaling another change in the MCU?
Well, it’s this…and finding out this scene has a lot of Broadway veterans (thanks, Screen Rant)

Hawkeye may not have been an earth-shattering series like WandaVision or Loki, but it’s a nice holiday present from Marvel and Disney Plus.
At the very least, it has much better action sequences than a Patrick Swayze Christmas. It also gave us an exciting view to the future, mainly thanks to three young women.
As for next year, fans will expect a She-Hulk, a new Marvel and maybe a Secret Invasion.

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