After month and months of delays due to distribution rights and a pandemic, Daniel Craig’s farewell as James Bond is coming next month in the film, No Time to Die.

MGM announced the movie will open in the UK at the end of September, then in the US on October 8th. Bond is back after retiring from the spy game now that Blofeld is dead. He’s called back when a new villain, Safin, has a plan for world destruction. He’s played by Rami Malek of Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody, and people have been saying he could be Bond’s scariest adversary yet.

Bond will get help from a new 00 named Nomi played by Lashana Lynch (who was also featured in Captain Marvel).

The site not only has the US trailer but the international one, thanks to YouTube. It takes different approaches in getting people ready for the film.
The American version starts with a brief history of Craig’s 15 years as the superspy, then it shifts to Safin and the main plot. In fact, there’s lots more of the bad guy than in the international version.
The other version is more “chronological”, which starts with Bond in retirement, then eventually be brought back for the latest threat. There’s a little bit more of Nomi than in the US version.
It would be interesting if someone tried to merge the two into a hefty four-minute version.

In any case, this movie could be the biggest event in quite some time, because people will wonder who will be the next James Bond, or if there will be one at all after nearly 60 years.

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