The Touched are still anything but safe. Some want them gone. Some want them as immoral tools. Some want to help them.
Penance Adair thinks that a song will unite them and make them safe, but at what cost?
This week’s episode looks at that, and the threats still looming against these unusual people.


Early in this episode, the Beggar King’s (Nick Frost) men see a new threat to their boss’ power in the docks, Bonfire Annie (Rochelle Neil). She gives them a fiery warning, but it’s extinguished by Penance’s new invention. Amalia True tries to get Annie to join her, but she isn’t interested. It seems that True has a mission to fulfill, but she won’t say what it is, not even to the others. She does admit that being Touched got her sent to an asylum because she knew things she was not supposed to know. Does it mean she met Maladie (Amy Manson) there?

Speaking of Maladie, she tricks Dr. Cousens (Zakaray Momoh) into healing her from the bullet wound. Like it or not, the Touched try to stick together against any threats like Lord Messen (who only appears briefly, complaining about progress).

As for the Beggar King, he’s angry about how Annie scared off his men (and he kills one of them) and how Amalia and Penance could be a threat, too. He also thinks something is up with Amalia, and doesn’t think she really cares about the Touched. He decides to send a big ugly guy named Odium (Martyn Ford), but his looks are not his biggest threat.

Penance is still hopeful. She’s invented an amplifier that will carry Mary’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) song to all the Touched around London. Pretty impressive for 1899, but it’s hoped the Touched will know they are loved, even among each other.
She also finds the fake fliers that guide the Touched to the fake orphanage run by a woman who’s connected to some masked men. Once it’s revealed these guys are horribly mutilated and run by electricity, it’s likely they were made by the insane Dr. Hague.
The woman confesses (thanks to Desiree) that she had a daughter who was Touched with the ability to liquify anything. She killed her own child, which angers Lucy Best (Elizabeth Berrington). She remembers how her “turn”, which allowed her to break anything by touching it, cost the life of her own baby.

Meanwhile, Hugo Swann (James Norton) is getting wider. It’s covering Augie (Tom Riley), who is the owner of a profitable sex club. It also covers Inspector Mundi. Swann had hoped his raid on Amalia’s orphanage would drive some of the Touched to his sex club. It’s also revealed he and Mundi (Ben Chaplin) had sex, shortly after he had lost Mary. If anyone’s is the most tortured by this world, it’s Mundi. He lost his fiance at the altar, and got mixed up with Swann and his immoral (but not exactly illegal) antics. He’s also a cop, expected to uphold the law. He’s not sure who he really works for…but something will guide him somewhere.

Back to Amalia, she finds an album of Touched women who wound up missing. She tells her suspicions to Lavinia (Olivia Williams), which is a big mistake. Amalia doesn’t know Lavinia is working with Hague in his experiments. Maybe she’s working with Messen, too. All because of a glowing orb that’s underground.
As Amalia is riding in a carriage, she’s ambushed by Odium…who has the ability to walk on water. It looks like she is doomed, but she somehow kills him by strangling him with his own chain. Entertainment Weekly has an interesting article about how this scene
was produced.

She meets up with Mary, Mundi and Penance and a few others at a park, where Mary sings her song that all of the Touched in London hear. Mundi doesn’t, but still gets an idea of how special and powerful it is.
Then, suddenly, Mary is killed by a guy with a gatling gun arm that was with Maladie in the pilot. He was behind bars, but who got him out? The assassin is killed by Mundi, but Mary’s death is a real tragedy for the Touched.
Yet it leads to another result:  Bonfire Annie is back, and she has a lot of Touched people. They are ready to unite.
But is that enough to push back at the threats that await them, including Messen, Swann, Lavinia and the Beggar King?
Is Amalia True the savior of the Touched, or someone who will lead them to very dark times indeed?
Once that is solved, it’s a matter of whether her true mission is worth it.

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