SHIELD is put in a tough situation this week: do they let a young man do something that will lead to the creation of its greatest enemy?
Meanwhile, Enoch has to help Agent May recover from radical surgery, and it will not be easy at all.


The episode puts the crew in an interesting situation: do they help someone who will have a son that will run an evil organization, all because the Crash of 1929 ruined his family? That is brought up several times, and there are brief debates, but that is what SHIELD has to do. After all, the Chromicops know if there’s no HYDRA, there’s no SHIELD…and no obstacle in their bid to take over the Earth.
Also, something worse than HYDRA may develop, as one of the agents point out.

That’s why they’re protecting Freddy (Darren Barnet), aka Wilfred Malick, from the Chroms. They wonder why he’s delivering what seems to be illegal booze, but it’s something else. It’s also four vials that have chemicals that will be part of the Nazis’ version of Super Serum, an important part in the creation of the Red Skull.

Jemma and Elena also get off the Zephyr to help out, since they can’t find Deke and Mack.
Stuck in the middle is Ernest Koenig (Patton Oswalt), who is worried about keeping his speakeasy open and is barely trying to figure our why Freddy’s in trouble and what is after him. Patton does a better job as a guy who does what he has to do, although his mustache is still too thin. The agents try to avoid explaining who they really are, and it’s really fun to see.
However, when they’re hidden in another room, and a bottle about to fall threatens to reveal them (but doesn’t), Elena doesn’t catch it. Sure, they’re joined by Viola, the girl Freddy was going to meet, and she shouldn’t know about Inhumans. This does reveal that Elena may be afraid to show her true self in the past, and that could be a problem. She’s never been ashamed of being an Inhuman before, but time traveling might change that.

Meanwhile, Enoch’s having a tough time getting Melinda back in the healing pod. In fact, she’s a bit too aggressive, and knows he doesn’t have the “internal digestive system” to shoot her. They do fight, thanks to a self-defense program he just downloaded, but she winds up the victor.

It’s discovered Freddy is on his way to Hell’s Harbor to make the delivery, and he gets there via train with Mack and Deke. The debate goes on about what to do with Freddy. At one point, Daisy tells Deke to kill Freddy now that the walkie-talkies are fixed, but Mack stops it. History still has to happen, an issue that’s as old as time…or Doctor Who.
It’s actually Koenig who tries to talk Freddy out of it, but he gets shot for his trouble but recovers. Still, we see the most terrible acts of evil can happen quietly. The Chromicops soon leave, to make another bid to ruin SHIELD.

The Zephyr follows the Chroms, because it’s pre-programmed thanks to Fitz. This means the agents are on a schedule, and make to finish their mission or be literally left behind. That’s what happens to Enoch, stuck in 1931, but it’s not too bad. He’ll meet the agents again, and has a new gig until then.

Another thing: May does find out about LMD Phil, but she is not happy to see him. It will lead to an interesting relationship, though. As Enoch pointed out, May died at one point in her recovery, but she seems to be less human because she was so eager to get back in battle. LMD Phil’s noticed this, too, and discussions on “what is human” should be interesting.

It’s great the season will be more than time travel. It’ll be discussions on what happens to the future if the past is changed a bit too much. What if one wrong move means victory for the Chromicons? It’ll also be what the crew thinks about LMD Phil. Daisy and Mack like him, but May doesn’t. However, her recovery is taking away her empathy but could come back eventually.
Also, it seems certain people will get a sneak preview of the new century. Ernest Koenig gets a lot of info, and he is excited. Maybe that will change things, and his family will have a different role in SHIELD overall. Since Daniel Souza from Agent Carter is due later this month, could he also get a preview?
And what if someone else gets left behind when the Zephyr has to cross a pre-programmed time window? Could Deke wind up being his own grandpa? What if it’s LMD Phil?
Next week: Alien Communists are coming, or at least aliens as the Chroms try to stop SHIELD just as it starts.

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