At last the SHIELD crew is together, but they have to deal with the Shrike, Izel and whoever she really is, and saving the world.
It results in surprising heroics, a great fight, and a shocking ending.


As we left off last week, Sarge’s truck with Daisy, Deke (Jeff Ward), Snowflake (Brooke Williams) and May inside are in a collision course with a tower built by Izel (Karolina Wydra), who’s in her ship with Fitz/Simmons but unaware of what’s happening below.

Oh, and the truck has an atom bomb inside.

How this is resolved is a bit contrived as it shows once again why Daisy Johnson is the MVP for the crew. She uses her seismic powers to stop the bomb from exploding, but it’s still live. The truck hits the tower and releases hundreds of Shrike that threaten to invade the truck and maybe the world, too. One of them gets through and May stabs it before it gets to Deke.

Then this happens (watch vid):

It’s amazing no one came up with this way to eliminate the Shrike before, and it is very cool. It also takes away a lot of the tension a bit too soon.
Still, it’s a good reason why Chloe Bennet should be in a movie or two.

Meanwhile, Sarge is very determined to get rid of Izel, although he doesn’t know about the Shrike. He got into the Zephyr while the rest of the crew wasn’t looking thanks to his portable wormhole. He’s planning to take the Zepher over, even though his crew isn’t sure how to get past Elena and her super-speed. Thanks to some bombs and the element of surprise, Sarge does take control.

On Izel’s ship Fitz and Simmons finally fix the communications, and start to be really suspicious of her. They contact the Zephyr and use a coded message to figure out what’s happening. They’re stunned to hear who they think is Coulson’s voice. Izel thinks Fitz/Simmons are in league with Sarge, which shows she’s not so stable either.

When Izel and Sarge finally talk, it’s an interesting conversation. She seems to be amused by his determination to end her,and reminds him that “people fantasize about doing something heroic, but in the end they save their own skin” (as he always says).

Then he says she took away everything except the memory of those he had lost, and she claims that maybe he never had any memories to begin with.
What does that mean?

Sadly, Izel and Sarge never personally meet, which would have been really interesting.

The show’s highlight though is Mack and Sarge finally having a fistfight over who is in control. This shows the crew is no longer fooled by what Sarge is, even if he has Coulson’s face. It’s brutal and very good, with Mack coming out on top. He even says “toldja” at the end.

The SHIELD crew reunite on Izel’s ship. Before that, Fitz and Simmons actually do a cool move and take away guns from a couple of Izel’s crew.

Then we see Jaco (Winston James Francis) do something very heroic. He sacrifices himself by blowing up Izel’s ship with him inside. They don’t find Izel, so it may not be over for her. Maybe she has a transport hoop like a Chromicom does?

From there the crew celebrate their apparent victory, complete with this picture from Davis and Piper…

A lot of small talk about what has happened over the past few months, such as May dealing with a bad guy with Coulson’s face, Daisy and Simmons being in deep space, and Fitz catching up with everything. They’re uncomfortable how Deke and Snowflake are getting a little too close. It ends with a sweet reconciliation with Mack and Elena. He’s smart to admit fault in how their relationship broke up, mainly due to the pressures of being director. It seems it would take time for them to get back together… until she closes that door real fast.

The second half of “Collision Course” was good, not as intense as fans would have expected. While the crew is reunited at last, it’s still not certain how dangerous Izel really is. It’s clear she’s after the Monoliths and will be rather upset to learn two of them don’t exist anymore.

Then there’s final scene: Sarge gets a surprise visitor in May… and a bigger surprise when she shoots him four times.

Judging from the trailer for next week, it’s also a surprise for May.

Izel is still around and that she might be the reason why Sarge and Coulson have the same DNA.

Visitors to San Diego Comic-Con hope to learn more in a few days, and maybe a hint about season seven.

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