This week, Sarge and his gang wreak havoc in Ohio, and there’s some interesting facts about him aside from looking just like Coulson. It’s also revealed what happened to Fitz after he was kidnapped in the middle of a long sleep to the future.


This episode gave fans a chance to know more about Sarge, and his crew of Juco (Winson James Francis), Pax (Matt O’Leary) and Snowflake (Brooke Williams). They are not impressed with Earth and our tech. They do like our Slurpees, the perfect snack while robbing convenience stores. They’re also looking for P-E-G’s, whatever they are, and have a truck that has a cloaking device. They are a very formidable group.

After years of being a SHIELD company man, it takes a while to see Clark Gregg as a hardened criminal. Sarge is a guy who has been around, and not just dimensions, either. Clark grows on you as a bad guy, but he’s not a different version of Coulson…or is he? More on that later.

Meanwhile, Marcus Benson (Barry Shabaka Henley), the current science guy, has some questions about Coulson. He’d like to know how he died and was revived thanks to a magical place, or maybe exactly what Coulson was to May. That’s a touchy subject for her. He’s new and has the right to ask these questions, though. He also has some comments about SHIELD’s past mistakes, like LMDs and Inhumans (hopefully he means the show). However, he gets why Coulson was so special, and why it hurts that a bad guy with his face is plaguing them.

Despite Pax’s suggestion to kick back for a while, mainly because of clean air and sugar water, Sarge needs P-E-G’s for his mission. He heads to a jewelry store, and the way he sets up a robbery is pretty good. He acts like the perfect customer, then his crew quickly kills the guards. He forces the clerk to open the vault, but diamonds are not what he needs. Juco finally says P-E-Gs are crystals that generate electricity, like quartz and topaz. They get those, plus some gems for spending money.

May figures out Sarge’s truck was invisible, and is able to find it and get inside. She discovers they also made an inter-dimensional shortcut between it and the jewelry store miles away. May does her best to stop the crew, but they get away. She does see Sarge, and calls him “Coulson”. All he says is that it “rings a bell”.

But how? Marcus examines Sarge’s DNA, and it is a match for Phil. Is Sarge Coulson’s evil twin from another world, almost like the Framework version of Grant Ward was good rather than evil? That’s an interesting question May and Sarge will face when they meet again.
Marcus also says the guy who died in the cement wall last week had footage of Sarge’s last attack. It looks like he destroyed his own world…and might do the same to Earth.
However, what if it’s someone else? Thinking Sarge is responsible is like Daisy thinking she split the earth last year, and it turned out not to be true. It’s too early to say if Sarge is just as destructive, but he looks dangerous.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Enoch (Joel Stoffer) are just tying to survive in deep space. Fitz poses as a guy from Sivos, and actually becomes a good space mechanic. He also changes his eye color and learns how to speak alien, which explains last week. However, his cover is blown, and has to deal with a really mean guy named Viro (Paul Telfer). Fitz’s willingness to work for free works for a while, although Enoch reminds him he should worry about getting back to cryo-sleep then wake up to find Jemma. Of course, they don’t know the future has been fixed and she’s looking for Fitz.

When Viro decides to toss the “paid staff” off the ship, Fitz knows he has to do something. He seems to sacrifice himself, until Enoch tricks Viro into being in the wrong side of an airlock. It’s a bit of a shame because Viro was compelling as well as nasty. It would have been nice to keep him around until Daisy clobbers him.

It also shows Fitz and Enoch would make a great team in any sci-fi show. Enoch certainly showed a Spock vibe with a bit of wry humor. Still, he knows getting Fitz to the future is the main goal, even though it’s not necessary.

Fitz and Enoch get close to Naro-Atzia, but the people there may be unhappy Viro was killed and blame the crew. They decide to head to Kitzon, which might be easier.
It’s too bad Daisy and Jemma arrive just as he leaves.. Hopefully, the show won’t do this more than once. The sooner they can get home and help SHIELD battle Sarge, the better.

One more thing: the Keller (Lucas Bryant)-Elena relationship is discussed, and Mack does know about it. He doesn’t seem to be concerned, but some fans hope that he eventually will. It could be a bigger problem than Sarge, though.
Oh, and has anyone seen Deke? Jeff Ward is in the credits, but his character hasn’t. He’s got to show up sometime.

Next week: the search for Fitz continues for Jemma and Daisy, but he discovers Kitzon can be a real gamble…literally.

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