Anyone who has seen the movies on Mystery Science Theater 3000 this year and last may have noticed the “Kingachrome” process removes as much of the credits as possible. Maybe Kinga wants Jonah, Servo and Crow to experience the pain of lousy movie-making as soon as possible, but doesn’t think making fun of the credits is that funny.

Anyway, round three of the Gauntlet starts with Kinga and Max deciding to torment the gang by sending puppets of themselves to the Satellite of Love. It doesn’t generate much fear.

It’s also revealed Moon 13 used to be a “skunk works” base, or a research and development place. That could come in handy. Also, the Boneheads can talk, and one of them is a girl named Friendster.

Then, they get to the movie, “Lords of the Deep”, which is described as “wet Star Trek”. A scientist, played by the blonde from Three’s Company who isn’t Suzanne Somers, puts her hand in a beaker filled with strange ocean stuff, and starts seeing weird visions. A sub crashes after a quake, and one of the crew apparently is covered with sea gelatin then turns into an alien creature. It eventually leads to a conspiracy involving the company, and saving some sea aliens which includes stepping into a room that seems to be covered in bubble gum….and more weird visions.
Many fans pointed out Roger Corman, who produced this movie, also had a speaking part as one of the company guys in cahoots with the captain. Roger didn’t get riffed, and fans wished he was.

The episode also marks the first appearance of Dr. Donna St. Phibes, an expert in the care of B-movie monsters. She even shows Kinga and Max one of her animals…and they see some weird visions. Donna is played by Deanna Rooney, who has been in other projects with Jonah–and is also his wife.

Anyway, let’s get to the riffs:

One of the submarine staff members is told “there’s a difference between being fired and being replaced.”
Just ask Conan O’Brien

They talk about Claire, the scientist who has been getting “inner visions”
“Follow the yellow brick road”

“You look like the last man on Earth”
Will Forte?

There’s also riffs on Magic School Bus, Yellow Submarine, The Shape of Water (twice) and Talking Heads.

Next time, the traditional “what did we just see” movie of the season

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