It’s a little strange to enjoy TV without the Agents of SHIELD on our screens. Fans have been very eager to see them again next summer, and hope enough viewers will keep them around even longer.
Until this week, that is.

Fans were stunned to learn from the Hollywood Reporter that ABC has already granted the show a seventh season several months before season six airs next summer. Production for that season is currently underway.

This means the show will get another 26 episodes, and it should be interesting how the show will somehow bring back Fitz after his apparent demise last May. It’s believed they’ll find his other body somewhere in space when he was in suspended animation.
Also, what about Coulson? It’s believed his spending his final days in Tahiti with Melinda May. Some fans have been hoping that, somehow, he’ll stick around a little longer. A few even hope the Ghost Rider will be back, too.

New agents are expected, along with the return of Jeff Ward as Deke and a new look for at least one agent. This picture of Chloe Bennett was released on her Twitter account.

More news about season six of Agents of SHIELD should come after the new year, and maybe a preview at Wondercon in Anaheim next Spring.

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