We caught up with the cast and crew of The CW hit show, Supernatural, and found out a few things about what is coming up in their epic season 14.  Show stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert were on hand in San Diego along with executive producers, Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb, and writing team, Eugenie Ross-Lemming and Brad Buckner.


Jared Padalecki talks about Sam’s race to find Michael-possessed Dean before other hunters, leading the alternate universe hunters in this world, and helping Jack adjust to his new life without powers.


At SDCC 2018, Jensen Ackles talks about the challenges of playing archangel Michael in season 14 and reveals the surprising scene that has caused him the most anxiety so far this season.



Misha Collins talks about Castiel working with Sam to find Dean and how Cas helps Jack deal with his new “powerless” status.  He also talks about the multiple projects he is juggling right now.


Alexander Calvert talks about experiencing his first San Diego Comic Con.  He also talks about his character, Jack’s, new status as a “human”, and the trauma of being pranked on the Supernatural set.


Executive Producer, Robert Singer, talks about what is in store for the newly transplanted ‘apocalypse hunters’ and hints at a possible something between Bobby and Mary.


Executive Producer, Andrew Dabb, talks the challenges Dean and Sam will face in order to defeat save Dean and defeat Michael.


Some season 14 insights from writing partners, Eugenie Ross-Lemming and Brad Buckner.


One more thing.  Andrew Dabb talks about using the expanded cast of key characters in the new season of Supernatural.


Supernatural returns for its 14th season this fall, Thursdays, on The CW.



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