Krypton’s second episode of it’s premiere season is called House of El, but after watching, it feels more like the “Houses of El, Zod & Vex.” To kill, or not to kill? That is the question burning in Seg-El throughout this episode, whether to seek out vengeance for his parents’ death against Darren-Vex.

It’s unclear on whether viewers can trust Nyssa-Vex yet, but she made a significant step in gaining my trust by giving Seg his parents ashes after her father had refused them a proper burial.  She may have saved Seg from himself through her act of kindness, as he was currently on his way to attempt to murder Darren-Vex.  When asked why she’s risking getting in trouble, Nyssa responds cryptically, alluding to someone she potentially was not able to say goodbye to in the past.  Maybe some foreshadowing about a future storyline we will get to see for Nyssa?

The Zod’s are dealing with family drama of their own, as Lyta disagrees with Jayna on the best way to handle the rankless. Viewers begin to see the family dynamic unravel a bit in a moment of confrontation between the two after Lyta challenges her commander for control of her division.  Lyta tells her mother that she can see Jayna has never believed she is a warrior that can live up to the Zod name.  After her betrothed, Dev-Em, gives Lyta a little pep talk, we get to see Lyta kick some ass and win the challenge against her commander.

When he asks for mercy, she breaks his neck and quotes her mother’s line from the pilot: “We never ask for mercy.”  We catch a rare, glimpse of a smile from Jayna and it appears she is proud of her daughter’s actions.  Meanwhile, Seg figures out he can use his blood to communicate with his grandfather in the Fortress of Solitude through a program with his image his grandfather left.  Val-El explains the Phantom Zone to Seg, and how he found out about Brainiac.

High on this new information and getting to pseudo-communicate with his grandfather, Seg returns to town and tells Darren-Vex he will cooperate with everything, except for taking the Vex name. It seems these two will be clashing quite a bit this season.  We also find out Nyssa had plotted with Darren in deciding to give Seg his parents ashes, so what is her true angle? We’ll find out.

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