Wendimoor’s biggest threat has emerged, and she (yes, she) is threatening to kill Dirk and his friends this week. Amanda’s sorcery lessons are progressing, and Priest is back. Looking closer, the episode is about “girl power” but it’s also about escape.




Ever since she found that magic wand and the spell book, Suzie Borton (Amanda Walsh) has become a new woman. She has a whole new look and confidence. She’s also embraced the dark side in a big way, but only because it helps her forget she killed the Book Club. She represents the “girl power” in this week’s episode, and in a scary way.

The first example is when she is at the Sound of Nothing the morning after she cast that spell/light show that gave the customers (including Dirk and his friends) a night they’d never forget. Her son Scott (Jared Ager-Foster) suddenly shows up, and apologizes for being a sullen teenager. He even admits he acted like a jerk because he wasn’t sure she loved him, but now he knows she does.

His reward: being turned into a frog, while she giggles.

Then she catches up with the Mage (John Hannah), who looks at the Wendimoor drawings Arnold Cardenas drew as a kid. He recognizes all the battles he fought, but also sees that he lost them. He doesn’t understand because he swears he killed the witnesses. He starts to doubt if he should go back to Wendimoor if he could wind up losing. Suzie gives him an incredulous look and tells him he has to go back. Besides, he promised to make her a queen, and she wants that more than anything. It sure beats being looked down upon by the other wives in town.

Meanwhile, Dirk (Samuel Barnett) and his friends try to recover from the night before, and is surprised by who they wake up with, and what they’re wearing, Then they finally contact Suzie on Scott’s phone, and she makes it clear she’s going to kill them all. It confirms their suspicions Suzie is the Mage’s apprentice.

Back at Wendimoor, the Rowdy 3 (and Vogel) are happy to be together, while Amanda (Hannah Marks) is having a tough time with her sorcery lessons with Watki Wapnasi (Agam Darshi). The witch tells Amanda to focus her anger and feelings into her spells, and also wonders if Amanda is truly punk. She says she definitely is. She sees several visions, including one that shows the Queen of the Dengamors about to kill someone with a sword. She’s also able to conjure up a knife, although it’s stuck through her hand. If she is able to alter reality, she can be a handy weapon against whoever will threaten them.

Arnold (Tony Amendola), who had a heart attack, last week, is slowly recovering. The possibility that he could be “the boy” is strengthened by the first scene of the episode, when Hector and Marina Cardenas are driving to Bergsberg maybe back in the 50’s. Something falls from the sky, and it’s the boat that’s in the middle of town. They also hear the cry of a baby. Is that Arnold?

In the present, he remembers how his parents argued over selling their land to a company called Kellum (as in Kellum guards?). He says his mom may have sold out when got a new car, the same one that fell from a tree in the opener. Then his dad died. Arnold hoped Wendimoor would take him in, but it never happened. He wanted a refuge from the trauma of losing his parents, like Suzie is using magic to make her forget her hum-drum life.

It’s also apparent Dirk is trying to escape the case. He says that his mission is accomplished if Arnold is “the boy”. However, he forgets they haven’t found Amanda yet. He is still scared that solving the case could end badly.

Someone arrives who may prove his point: Mr. Priest, who is literally gunning for Dirk while ignoring Hugo (Dustin Milligan) and Ken (Mpho Koaho) back at the base.

The episode climaxes at the hospital where Suzie and Priest (Alan Tudyk) both show up. Suzie causes the most damage by using her magic to create shapes that kill a few people. One of them stabs Arnold, maybe fatally. Priest then gets there. Farah (Jade Eshete) tries to stop him, but fails. Priest confronts Suzie and her wand, and he’s not bothered. Apparently he knows something about the supernatural. He responds to her threats by firing a few dozen bullets into her. Her body falls out of the window, but her body isn’t found.

Priest then goes after Todd (Elijah Wood) and Dirk, and what he might do if they don’t surrender may be worse. Todd thinks they have to escape to Wendimoor, while Dirk all but gives up. Todd hopes that they can find the way to Wendimoor through the Murphy bed at the Cardenas house. It looks like it worked, as Priest can’t find them either. All he can do is ask for a “lockdown” team. He’s clearly frustrated by Dirk and his friends staying one step ahead, and maybe he snapped when he shot Suzie. He did say he was a bad man, but he is getting worse. Who knows what will happen if he also finds himself  in Wendimoor?

However, Priest may not be the worst thing in this season. While the Mage has an interesting talk to Zombie Bob about torturing people and thinking about taking over our world, Suzie suddenly arrives to say she’s killed the boy and taken care of Dirk. So, the Mage better take her to Wendimoor, or else. At this point. he should be asking himself what he’s done, or maybe how he can avoid being a frog, too.

At least Dirk and Todd will finally be in Wendimoor, and wonder what kind of a place this is. If they’re lucky, they’ll also find Amanda and her new friends. If they’re unlucky (and they could be), other people (like Priest, Suzie and the Mage) will try to find them.

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