Dirk Gently’s search for the boy, and his role in some prophecy and Wendimoor, take an unexpected turn this week as an elderly man may hold the key. Also, Amanda discovers why she’s been getting visions, and the Mage and Suzie Boreton both decide to stop Dirk.


This week’s episode starts with a weird looking woman who recounts the story so far, from the boat in a field in Bergsberg to the search for the boy. However, she reaches into a pool and gets Hugo’s squeeze toy.

This woman is Watki Wapnasi (not the woman who was in the cage with Amanda last week), a forest witch (Agam Darshi) who will play a big part in things. She was the one who got Amanda (Hannah Marks) and Vogel (Osric Cahu) out of the hotel bathroom and away from Priest, and maybe started giving her those visions and possibly her zapping powers. Watki is the Yoda of the season, trying to get Amanda to tap into some hidden powers that either the Rowdy 3 or pararibulitis has given her. Before that, Amanda is having a tough time dealing with Wendimoor, the weird rainbow-colored Bofuki Nepoo and everything else. It takes Watki’s cryptic comments to show her that she’s meant for a bigger purpose…if they survive.

Back in Bergsberg, Dirk (Samuel Barnett), Todd (Elijah Wood) and Deputy Tina (Izzie Stone) discuss what to do next when they meet a guy in his 60’s. He’s Arnold Cardenas (Tony Amendola), the son of Hector and Marina Cardenas who both died in that weird event 50 years ago. Ever since, he’s been haunted by that day, and he suspects Dirk’s arrival may have been destiny. Why else is “Twist of Fate” by Olivia Newton-John playing in the background?
When they get to his parents’ house, Arnold recognizes the drawings of Wendimoor immediately. He starts to freak out when he wonders if it was all his fault somehow. He also wonders why the prophecy is finally activated after 50 years. When he grabs the air gun, then sees Panto, he has a heart attack.

So, is Arnold “the boy”, now an old man?

No one comes up with that, because the gang starts to suspect Suzie (Amanda Walsh) may be involved somehow. When Farah (Jade Eshete) and Tina finally find her, Suzie plays dumb, even faking the hip injury she doesn’t have thanks to the magic wand. While Farah seems to notice the spell book, Tina asks about where Suzie’s dog is. She claims Scott killed it, which proves she’s wallowing in denial and magic to keep her from remembering what she has done so far. They soon decide to find Scott, figuring it’ll help smoke out Suzie.

However, she and the Mage (John Hannah) have their own plans. They think they have to eliminate Dirk or he’ll ruin the Mage’s plan. They don’t know Dirk’s “everything is connected” philosophy is wearing on him, and he really doesn’t want to solve this case if it could harm his friends.

At least Panto (Christopher Russell) and Bart (Fiona Dourif) are getting along. She’s not in the mood to kill, but is really interested in Panto. She even reveals how her parents died, and how Blackwing “made her do things”. He suggests maybe they should both go back to Wendimoor for a fresh start. They could, but there’s still that feud his family has with the Dengdamors, and whatever the Mage has in mind.

Back at Wendimoor, the Kellum guards are headed to the forest, and could attack Vogel. Watki urges Amanda to try to get someone to help them. She actually succeeds by getting the Rowdy 3 out of Blackwing (which will surely upset Hugo).That’s good news for them, because they’ve been starving for someone to feed on. The guards are mowed down, and there’s a lot of rejoicing.

Dirk and his friends head to a place called Sound of Nothing to find Scott (Jared Ager-Foster). Suzie is also there, gunning for Dirk with her wand. Farah finds Scott, who tries to run away. Suzie nearly loses her wand, but accidentally sets off something that’s part light show and part love spell. The confrontation is put off for now.








The Mage, meanwhile, heads to the Cardenas house to see the Wendimoor drawings. For some reason, he doesn’t like what he sees. Sheriff Hobbs is at a warehouse outside the house. He sees a truck going inside, but can’t find it. He does find Suzie’s zombie husband Bob…and the Mage.

Things are starting to come together. It looks like the search for the boy may end sooner than Dirk thinks, only to find a bigger problem in front of him. Amanda may be trained for a major role in the fate of Wendimoor. The Mage may consider taking control of our world, not aware he’s making Suzie more evil than he is.
Add the fact Farah knows Blackwing is headed their way, and it could be lead to something that will be anything but a happy ending.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency airs Saturdays at 9 PM Eastern and Pacific on BBC America.

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