After a few weeks of below-par scripts, Inhumans is starting to pick up the pace as the show is about to close out the season. They are back at Attilan, but Black Bolt hasn’t regained his throne. Maximus is close to using gene-splicing to become Inhuman, but it’s actually being used on someone else…with shocking results.


The episode centers on Maximus’ (Iwan Rheon) bid to be Inhuman by any means necessary, which is why he’s keeping Declan (Henry Ian Cusick) alive. He hopes he can bring Attilan to a new era, with himself leading the way.

On the other side, Medusa (Serinda Swan)  just wants peace. Despite Gorgon’s death, she doesn’t want Black Bolt (Anson Mount) to kill his own brother for revenge. So, they’ll go for a parley, where they’ll see what he wants.

Then they find out Triton (Mark Moh) had recovered from the attack in the opener…and Black Bolt knew this. Apparently he had a backup plan in case Maximus tried anything. Medusa is upset because she thought she was more than just an interpreter to him. Later, she recalls how, when they were younger, she saw him in the Quiet Room in pain because he accidentally killed his parents with his voice. She intended to taunt him because they banished her parents, but the look on his face showed they had something in common. She uses that example to argue that no one is irredeemable, not even Maximus. That’s strange, considering he cut off her powerful hair. Even though it’s forced her to take another look at herself, she should have some anger towards him.

As for Maximus, he tries to put on an honorable face when he mourns Gorgon (Ewe Ikwuakor), but his speech about him eventually makes it more about himself. He still goes on about how people have looked down at him for not having powers after terrigenesis. He still hopes to lead the people of Attilan to a bright future, and maybe to Earth. It’s a terrible speech to make at a wake.

When he tells Auran (Sonya Balmores) about his real plans, she is shocked. Apparently she backed him under the belief that he was going to prove that “a mere human” can be King. She has the look of someone who thinks she made a big mistake.

When both parties meet in the middle of Attilan, Medusa makes her offer, Maximus can have his second chance at terrigenesis if Black Bolt is king agrees. Maximus agrees, long enough to get Declan back, then changes his mind. Black Bolt threatens to kill Maximus if he sees him again.

Through the episode, Declan mainly looks around, stunned that a city can exist on the Moon. At Maximus’ apartment, which looks exactly like Crystal’s, they look at the plan. Maximus wants to choose what kind of Inhuman he wants to be, which goes against the real process. People are assigned a power, and can’t choose. Declan warns this could go wrong, but Maximus doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, Karnak (Ken Leung) seems to be back to his old self. There’s a scene where he confronts Auran and makes an incredible somersault to take down her guards. How they show him do it is one of the best scenes of the series. Then he suggests Auran give her DNA to Gorgon in an attempt to bring him back from the dead. He thinks her regenerative powers will do it, although at the last second she warns her abilities may be waning. It’s still a bad idea, if they ever saw a horror movie. They put Gorgon in the terrigenesis booth, and it looks like it’s not working. Again, if they ever saw a horror movie, it’s not necessarily the end.

Also, the show still doesn’t know what to do with Crystal (Isabelle Cornish). When she comes back to Attilan, she uses her powers to disarm a guard in front of Maximus. Then she tells Medusa how she didn’t tell Dave the dune buggy guy goodbye. It’s to show that they realize some humans are fine people, but wouldn’t talking about Louise be the same thing?

Maximus is about to undergo second terrigenesis with the new DNA inside him as there’s suddenly some commotion. It’s a plan to trap him with Triton, which clobbers him. Still, Maximus finds his way to the bunker, and meets his brother. Then, he says he can break the protective dome above Attilan and kill everyone. So, Black Bolt better keep him alive. After all, the program still has to show how Maximus’ plan to be Inhuman will go horribly wrong.

As a preview, Declan is in the dark, and hears a noise. It’s Gorgon, and he is not quite himself.

The episode sets up an interesting finale next week, as it looks like the Inhumans will make Earth its home after all, but who will wind up alive is still uncertain.



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