Somehow Dirk Gently is out of Blackwing, but where did he go? Some of his friends still have to find him. Meanwhile, a housewife is under the spell of magic, and a very deadly assassin has entered the mix. There’s also a boy to find.




The episode starts in Wendimoor, where Silas (Lee Majdoub) and Wygar Oak (Alecks Paunovic) try to explain to Queen Frija Dengdamors (Karin Konoval) why they didn’t capture Panto Trost. She doesn’t believe their claim that Panto has to find Dirk to fulfill some prophecy because it’s a big crock and Dirk doesn’t exist.

Well, not at Wendimoor, but somehow, Mona transported Dirk (Samuel Barnett) to that car that fell off a tree last week at Bergsberg. Todd (Elijah Wood) and Farah (Jade Eshete) are very happy…until Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine) arrives to arrest them all. He found out the gang is being hunted by the FBI. Good thing he and his deputy Tina (Izzie Steele) almost forgot how to arrest people since it happens so seldom.

However, the cops are stunned the car also revealed the body of Marina Cardenas, who’s been missing for 50 years, and think they may have info on her son and maybe her missing husband. So, they decide to follow Dirk and pals, since they’re also bored. It also helps than Tina liked Todd’s music.  Dirk’s faith in his “we’re all here for a reason” mantra is restored, especially when Todd gets some drugs that may help treat his pararibulitis because they just happen to be at the jail.

They also head back to the abandoned house, where Hobbs says Bergsberg had a lot more people before a mysterious event 50 years before. They also notice someone was inside the house and then came out. Also, that English guy (John Hannah) who killed Suzie’s boss appeared out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly before Farah notices he was there. It’s almost like magic, and maybe it is.

Amanda (Hannah Marks), meanwhile, is still trying to get visions to help her find Dirk. She’ll go through any lengths to get a vision, even lie on railroad tracks while a train is coming. Really. It also works, and gets her closer to Bergsberg.

Back at Blackwing, Hugo (Dustin Milligan) typically bungles investigating Dirk’s escape by thinking he turned invisible. Maybe the show will reveal how he got this job, probably through a typo. He turns to Ken (Mpho Koaho), still in the taxi, for information on Dirk, but won’t let him leave.  It’s also revealed Hugo has three of the Rowdy 3 energy vampires. One of them feeds on him before a sinister man stops him. He’s Mr. Priest, and he is a very deadly guy. More on him later.

The most interesting part of this episode is how Suzie Boreton (Amanda Walsh) is slowly changing thanks to the spell book she got last week. She immediately uses the book to have a big makeover, inside and out, and even make money out of thin air. However, it gets out of hand when she accidentally turns her husband into a silent slave. She tells him to get the dog to stop barking. It does, after he kills it. At that point, Suzie has the look of someone who has tasted real power…and likes it.

As for Dirk and the cops, they discover what seems to be a body in a tree. Hobbs suspects it could be Hector Cardenas, Marina’s husband.

Now about Mr. Priest: Alan Tudyk plays him as a deranged assassin who cheerfully admits it. He was responsible for getting the other “enhanced” people into Blackwing, possibly including Dirk. Priest already knows where Amanda and Vogel of the Rowdy 3 are, and he’ll be gunning for them.

Meanwhile, Suzie’s son is driving at night, and almost hits someone. He’s dressed in weird clothes, and has pink hair. That’s right, it’s Panto (Christopher Russell). How did he get to Bergsberg, and can he find Dirk?
Also, what happened to Bart? Chances are that question will be answered very soon.

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