Last year BBC America presented the most off-the-wall mystery show in years. It involved a guy named Dirk Gently, an holistic detective who solves cases through hunches, feelings, coincidence or just dumb luck. This season Dirk (Samuel Barnett) and his friends are involved in a case that could be described as a mix of Harry Potter, The Fugitive and Green Acres.

This week Whedonopolis got a look at the first two episodes. Magic and fantasy will play a big part in a new case that can be summed up in three words: “find the boy.”   The cast will feature Alan Tudyk, a familiar face in the Whedonverse, and John Hannah, who created a dangerous android last season on Agents of SHIELD.

The new season starts October 14th at 9 PM Eastern and Pacific on BBC America. Learn more at the show’s website.

For now, here’s a look the official trailer for season two…

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