Stick is dead. So is Alexandra.

Both sides are wondering what will happen next.

Now, though, the police think they handle things while they try to get the Defenders to talk. It’s also revealed what the Hand wants under New York.


The episode begins with a flashback of Elektra (Elodie Yung) talking to Stick (Scott Glenn) about their efforts to get Matt to join the Chaste. Apparently they’re not successful, while he suspects it’s because she fell in love. If you notice, Elektra is the devilish and lively woman Matt fell for. She is still the same….even in death.

Anyway, they both discuss dealing with the Hand, and remind each other that “more death is coming, and you and I have to get out of the way”.

Well, they didn’t.

Cut to the present, where Jessica wakes up in a police interrogation area. Yes, she has to talk to Officer Misty Knight (Simone Missick) again. This time, she wants answers, and Jessica isn’t good at that, especially when Misty’s asking the wrong questions.

After all, how could she possibly understand the Hand?

Well, she eventually reveals she has been investigating some strange criminal group with Detective Strieber (Ron Simons), but finds the explanation a little hard to swallow, even from Luke. They’re being kept at the station as witnesses rather than suspects, although it’s clear they didn’t kill Sowande and Stick. Misty also thinks the cops can handle this, but this isn’t Mariah Dillard or Cottonmouth. It’s way beyond that.

Foggy’s (Elden Hensen) also there, trying to get Matt to remember that people can’t know that he’s the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. This might mean disbarment for both of them if it really gets bad. Matt should stay a lawyer.

Still, Foggy does bring him a change of clothes….the Daredevil suit. Foggy is also aware who New York needs.

Claire (Rosario Dawson), meanwhile, wonders how she wound up being a sidekick to three people with abilities. Colleen (Jessica Henwick) only says there are those who run away from the fire and those who run towards it. The Defenders, of course, are the latter.

Meanwhile, the Hand’s still reeling from Elektra’s power play. Gao (Wai Ching Ho) reminds her they gathered power a bit more subtly, mainly by joining corporations and drug lords. Elektra doesn’t care. She still wants to get to K’un Lun, and she has the means, Danny Rand’s Iron Fist. Yet Murakami (Yukata Takeuchi) doesn’t trust her because she’s not like them. Still, Gao says she got them this far.

Elektra gets Danny to the wall, located hundreds of feet below the Midland Circle Financial building. It’s filled with strange writing Danny says he can’t read. She tries to sway him, the way she’d sway Matt, into doing thing he wouldn’t normally do. She says they were both used by others, but they can determine their own destinies. He disagrees, but admits she has a point when she accuses him of running away from his destiny. Eventually they do fight, but the fight scenes emphasize the swooping of her jacket a bit too much. She also tells him she killed everyone in K’un Lun.

As for our heroes, they decide they need to get the MCF, so they escape the cops, and take the subway (thanks to Jessica’s Metro Pass). Of course, Misty is angry at them, but she doesn’t get the whole story, and maybe wouldn’t believe it.

Seeing Jessica, Luke and Matt riding the train is funny enough, but Jess tops it by taking a sleeping bum’s beer.

Then things get serious as they battle Gao, Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez) and Murakami. It’s almost a fair fight, but it’s really a trip seeing Gao move heavy things with just her chi. Colleen eventually joins in, mainly battling Bakuto.

Eventually, they see their options: either let the Hand win, or blow up the MCF. Claire doesn’t like the options, and Luke refuses to blow up anything because he’s worried innocents may get hurt. The building is empty and it’s only just them and the Hand, but he still doesn’t like it.

Below, Elektra still fights Danny, getting him to use his fist to break through the wall, and reveal something very unexpected….a dragon’s skeleton. That is the most bizarre twist so far. It might be the path of K’un Lun, but it doesn’t prove New York was Westeros at one time.

In the final episode, sacrifices will be made to save New York.

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