The Defenders think that if the Hand never captures the Iron Fist, Danny Rand, he can be used for whatever they want to do, which may include destroying New York. So, they do something drastic. They also find out why the architect Jessica was investigating was involved, and Elektra has a surprise for Alexandra.


The crew thinks the best option is to hide Danny from the Hand, but he refuses. He was trained to fight and defend them, and he’s still tormented over deserting K’un Lun and allowing the monks’ death. He also claims the others are falling for the Hand’s trap of dividing them, unaware they’re not exactly in sync either. However, it’s his desperation that is upsetting the crew. He says he lost one city, and he won’t lose another. That drives him to battle Matt in his Daredevil suit. Luke tries to stop it, but Danny’s fist rattles their hideout.

He’s eventually knocked out, and hidden in a warehouse, as Luke keeps watch. Stick (Scott Glenn) is there, too. Danny tries to get Luke to understand, and explain how he got his powers by hitting a dragon’s molten heart. He finds that hard to believe, but is interested. He even reveals how Jessica shot him in the head, which didn’t affect him.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Matt head to James Raymond’s house to possibly get some info on how he got mixed up in the Hand. This comes after he finally mentions a big hole that was located under Midland Circle Financial’s building, which the others wished he mentioned earlier. They meet his daughter Lexi (Chloe Levine), who is just heartbroken. Jess, in a surprising turn, comforts her by actually telling the story of Matt’s dad, who died refusing to cooperate with criminals. Matt’s touched by this. It’s one reason why these two start making a great team themselves, even with her snarky attitude.

Through a hunch, Matt decides to play the family’s piano, and notices something wrong with one of the keys. They find Raymond’s building plans in the piano, and how he planned to use the dynamite found in his room to blow up the building and stop the Hand. Smart move by Matt.

The Hand, with Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver), mourn Sowande after Stick delivers his head to them. Alexandra tells the others that Elektra (Elodie Yung) is hidden, but is really missing. They have their doubts on whether Alex can get them to K’un Lun, but Gao (Wai Ching Ho) expresses her firm support for Alex. Of course, this is for show, as they clearly don’t trust each other, but enough to stay united. As for Elektra, she figures out where she is “buried,” but Alexandra is there, too. She tries to get Elektra to stay with the plan, to get Danny so they can get a certain substance to keep them immortal. It’s interesting this all takes place in a cemetery, but it’s actually a clever bit of foreshadowing.

Back at the warehouse, Stick actually tells Danny and Luke how the Chaste recruited him from jail when he was young. That’s a big reveal….and maybe bad news. He burns some incense (“a little of this, a little of that”) that knocks out Luke but doesn’t affect Stick. He thinks the best option is to kill Danny because he could be tempted into helping the Hand because of his need for family.

Stick never gets the chance, because his former pupil, Elektra, kills him. Matt almost gets there to stop her, but not soon enough. She winds up knocking all of them out and taking Danny away.

So Alex wins? Well, Murakami (Yukata Takeuchi) does some odd things to her, like giving her a rare wine for what he says is her last meal. It doesn’t faze her, and orders Elektra to kill Luke, Jessica and Daredevil, whoever he is. She reminds the Hand that she took all of the risks. She is the boss and she should be respected.

Someone disagrees, by stabbing Alex to death.

The main villain dies early, replaced by a woman that’s more dangerous…just like in Luke Cage.

All because Alex didn’t know who Daredevil was.

But Elektra Nachios, the Black Sky, knows. She is both now, and also the head of the Hand, after stabbing the woman who gave her a new life.

At least the goal is still the same.

Fans will miss Scott Glenn as Stick, who has been there since the beginning. It will also miss the elegant ruthlessness of Alexandra and the woman who personified it, Sigourney Weaver. In a way, she may remind some people of the Director at the end of Cabin in the Woods. I did have a theory Alex was Danny’s mom, but it looks like it wasn’t true after all. It would have added more tension if it was true.

However, Elektra taking charge will add a bit of spark to the story. As we get to the home stretch, fans will see Elektra was fully resurrected, true self and all. That will be true when she squares off with Daredevil. The Hand will also wonder what they just got.

As for the Defenders, they’ll have to do something they’d rather not do:  explain to the cops who they’re fighting, and why the city’s fate is hanging by a fist.

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