Fans of Charlaine HarrisTrue Blood, which has a successful run on HBO, are enjoying another TV based on her books.

The new show, Midnight Texas, has been gathering good ratings on Monday nights. Whedonopolis talked to Charlaine Harris, the author of the “Midnight Trilogy” which is the basis of the show.

While she is not directly involved in the production of the show, she is very happy with the cast and the crew. “I love the set, I love the actors,” she says, “I love the cast, I love the director and writing. I’m just having the best time being an appreciator.”

The show, however, is not like True Blood since it has to meet NBC broadcast standards. She does say telling a story on TV is different from writing books. “Telling a story on television is very different from sitting alone on a computer and writing a book,” she says, “the book I have, the luxury of trickling out the surprises over three books, but the TV show is full-tilt boogie right from the beginning.” Here’s more from Charlaine:

Monica Owusu-Breen and David Janollari, executive producers of the show, also say it’s a little tricky to adapt the books for TV, but they are very excited about it. “I love this world and for me, what was important is that can this world go one for a while.” Owusu-Breen says, “For us, it was about how we structure stories that are true to the heart of Midnight, to the characters of Midnight, and still sort of have the beginning, middle and end of an arc.” Here’s our interview:

Midnight Texas airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC

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