I think part of the reason these liars get pulled into A’s games is they are just too curious. Don’t get me wrong, walking away hasn’t always worked either. This is a great lesson to any teen: If you make the wrong choices, they will come back and haunt you. Just think of all the bad choices A has used against the liars. Granted, they won’t come back and haunt you as badly as this.

A.D. really has created a game board come to life. So far Spencer and Emily haven’t been able to resist playing. Next up it seems Hanna will take the bait. Spencer had to talk to Toby, Emily was pushed into blackmailing a student. What will Hanna have to do? Not sure if Hanna ends up playing but something clearly happens to Caleb. And it seems the weapon of choice this season is a big knife. Who is Aria defending herself from?

Only eight episodes left and there’s a lot going on in this promo. Can we decipher it or will we just have to be patient until next week?

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