Aida has always been saying the Framework was made for the agents so they can live in a world with no regrets.

She was lying. She wanted a world of her own, and used Fitz to do it.

She better hurry, because HYDRA’s hold is slipping. Then again, Jemma and Daisy may be in trouble, too.


This week’s episode picks up where last week’s left off, when Daisy underwent terrigenesis thanks to ex-HYDRA agent May. After a shootout that John Woo would love, HYDRAida (Mallory Jansen) shows up, and is amused over what has happened. She sees the Framework versions of the agents are nearly like the real ones, such as May the warrior, Mack the protector and Fitz the romantic/scientist. She forgets about Daisy, who shoves Aida through a 10th story window thanks to her reacquired Inhuman powers.

It’s not a problem for Aida in the real world, though. She tells LMD Ivanov (Zach McGowan) she just has to “adjust” the Framework to slow them down, while he thinks he can just kill them. However, since he’s an LMD, it goes against his programming. It’s why she can’t do it either. However, there is a plan to get around that. They also agree Jemma and Daisy must be killed because of their interference.

Back in Framework Land, Bakshi (Simon Kassianides), the HYDRA agent who was killed two seasons back, is the most trusted man on TV with his daily news show. He’s a bit too much like Bill O’Reilly, especially when he says Jeffrey Mace is dead, but he makes sure the HYDRA version of the truth gets through. He also gets his news approved by Fitz, who’s now running HYDRA, while HYDRAida is crippled. He’s also under the thumb of his dad Alistair Fitz, who keeps telling him never to show weakness.

Daisy and Jemma are still blown away how different the Framework is to their world, especially when they both talk to Trip (BJ Britt). He’s able to get plans to Project Looking Glass, Fitz’s big project. What’s also interesting is that Coulson and Ward reveal that both were approached by SHIELD. Coulson said no, but Ward said yes after he served time for arson. The person who recruited him? Victoria Hand, who was killed in the real world by the real Ward.

Despite an APB thanks to Bakshi, May and Daisy have a tough time trying to get to the Resistance, but Mack finds them. He’s not happy to see May, but Coulson convinces him to give her a chance. Thanks to footage of the re-education center that was blown up…by her…the truth about Mace, HYDRA and a whole lot more is exposed. Coulson tells Framework Land they’ve been told alternative facts, and it’s time to wake up to the truth.

He makes a pretty good news anchor, but he prefers another job: Agent of SHIELD.

Ward and his crew also make sure that “they can’t stop the signal”. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

He’s just hoping that once Daisy goes back to the real world, the Skye he knows will be back. She’ll get quite a shock about what HYDRA really is, but Ward hopes to handle that somehow.

When Jemma sees Fitz’s plans, she learns what Looking Glass is. It’s a plan to transmit matter from the virtual world to ours. It also involves using the Darkhold. The bottom line is that Aida wants to be a real woman with her virtual self merging with her LMD self. She can do the same for Ivanov, too, and his dream of killing Coulson can finally happen. Trip, who only knows the Framework, doesn’t quite understand, but if it means bringing down HYDRA, he’ll support it.

Alistair (David O’Hara) tries to get Radcliffe (John Hannah) to talk about what May and Daisy are doing, but he refuses. He tries to convince Alistair he’s not real any more than his world is, and says Alistair’s real self was a drunk who never appreciated his son. All Radcliffe gets for that is more punches from Alistair.

Framework Fitz, meanwhile, is close to making Looking Glass a reality, and tells HYDRAida the good news. He asks that wherever she’s going, he can come, too. She’s hoping he’d say that, but we’re not sure what that means. If it means real Fitz battling Framework Fitz, even in the same body, it’s going to be messy. It’s also interesting Jemma has not even talked to Framework Fitz. If that happens, would it make a difference?

Back in the real world, Ivanov says he’s found the SHIELD plane where Jemma and Daisy are located. He wants to blow up the plane, and kill them. If that happens, and Aida and Ivanov become real, SHIELD is dead.

Next week, HYDRA’s hold is slipping in the Framework, but HYDRAida is set to become real and Fitz makes a surprising offer to Radcliffe.

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