When this show began, it proved Denmark can’t make its own version of Godzilla.  As it reaches its second half, MST3K shows that South Korea isn’t that skilled on that, either.

The crew takes on Yongary, which was made in 1969 and had been a staple of horror movie shows nationwide for years. The monster emerges from the ground after a missile test in the Middle East, and heads for Seoul. It’s followed by basic kaiju destruction and mayhem.


The story seems to center on Ilo, a major scientist, and Icho, the Korean version of a kid who thinks Gamera is a friend to children. Icho has a habit of using an experimental ray that makes people and big monsters itch. Seeing him make Yongary do the frug is funny and yet cruel.

They defeat the monster thanks to ammonia, how he dies is really upsetting, At some point, the monster bleeds out. Strange thing about it is, everyone recovers pretty quickly.

The host segments are OK, but the best one was the last one where the SOL crew sing about watching a bad movie that really depresses them, and even Kinga and Max sing about it just because they were in the moment.

The space crew in the movie say “capsule” a lot, almost as much as “Cabot” in Outlaw.

Yongary attacks Seoul, but it looks really fake
Gypsy:  It looks like your (Jonah’s) weird uncle’s train set.

Yongary is attracted by burning fuel to get more energy
Like Mothra to a flame.

Next up: Double the lousy movie, double the pain

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