Let me start off right now by saying when I heard that 24 was rebooting, regardless of the new hero, to me there can only be one Jack Bauer.  To my surprise, I found myself instantly wanting to know more about Eric Carter and his wife, Nicole.  24 Legacy again begins to do what 24 does, it builds a web  of characters that intersect together creating a story, that could be very real mixed with some spectacular characters.  Thank you David Fury!

So far I am jumping on the 24 ride once more!  In the series’ first hour it accomplished what it should, making me want more.  Is there any amazing new twists that will surprise you if you are a veteran of 24, I can’t say that it did.  Welcome back to the CTU, a blend of politics and heroism.  For me, 24 Legacy is a keeper for sure, DVR set!

Also look for my Keep It or Dump It of both NBC’s Powerless & APB as well FX’s Legion later this week!  Please click here to post your comments on Facebook


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