It’s always an interesting dynamic when Damon is the good brother and Stefan the bad one. Now, that Damon’s emotions are back on, he’s faced with a choice, kill Caroline or kill 100 evil strangers.

Even just a few years ago this might have been an easy choice. Probably kill the 100 strangers. Now Damon seems to be on a different level of good. He’s reflected on all the bad he’s done and he wants to be a better person.

In the promo for next week, it appears that Caroline and Damon will team up to see how they can stop the devil, save her and the 100 people, Damon would potentially kill. It looks like Kade isn’t wasting any time, now that he’s on Earth. Maybe Hell didn’t literally open up on Earth, but it definitely will be feeling a lot like Hell for Damon and Caroline.

Take a look at the promo for next week and tell me how you think Damon will get out of this one?

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