With Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl all set to return this Fall, some folks speculated that the next new TV show may be Kara’s cousin after Tyler Hoechlin took the mantle of Superman in the season two premiere.  Hoechlin was already well know with his role in Teen Wolf and his performance in Supergirl was widely praised, so it’s something fans want, and it could continue to build the Earth 38 universe.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly today, The CW President Mark Pedowitz confirmed that there are sadly no plans for a solo series or for him to return in Supergirl, but it sounds like the door is open!

“Tyler did a great job,” he told the site. “There’s no plan to do a series. There are no plans at the moment for him to return [to Supergirl]. If they wish to have him return, we’d love to have him.” Asked whether that all boils down to what’s happening in the DC Films Universe, he added: “I can’t even answer the question yet, because at this time there are no plans to do it and there have been no discussions about it.” So, is he playing coy, or have we seen the last of the small screen Superman?

Time will tell, but for now, be sure to share your thoughts, would you like to see a Tyler Hoechlin CW Superman series?  Let us know below.

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