whoxmasIt’s been a year since we’ve traveled with the Doctor and his TARDIS. Coming this Christmas, he’ll get help from a journalist and a would-be superhero.

The new episode is called “The Return of Doctor Mysterio“, from which a clip was released this week on YouTube. Here we see the Doctor with an investigative reporter (Charity Wakefield) and an old friend named Nardole (Matt Lucas). Aliens are involved though not much is known after that, especially who will be suddenly coming to save the day.  Could Justin Chatwin from Orphan Black be more than he seems to be?  [more below the first vid]


This episode will also be shown in theaters on December 27th and 29th along with two special featurettes which include Peter Capaldi and executive producer Steven Moffat.  Moffat wrote the episode. BBC America has a preview plus clips from behind the scenes.
Tickets for the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special can be purchased online at www.FathomEvents.com or participating theater box offices. The event is expected to show in nearly 400 movie theaters through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network.

Along with the special, BBC has recreated another Doctor Who lost story called Power of the Daleks from 1966. This story marked Patrick Troughton’s first appearance as the Second Doctor. Although the completed episodes were thrown away, the audio still exists. The audio has been combined with new animation to bring back an important part of the show’s history. [more below the vid]

The style of the animation is quite different from previous attempts to recreate lost Who episodes, such as these scenes from “The Invasion” and “The Moonbase.” All six episodes will air every Saturday at 8:25 PM Eastern/ 5:25 PM Pacific

The new season of Doctor Who is expected to air Spring 2017 along with the spin-off “Class”, which is set in Coal Hill School in London. Both will be on BBC America.

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