Hanna is known for following her heart and not her head, but has she gone too far this time?

***** Spoilers Below *****

It’s pretty clear that all the Liars are still suffering from PTSD from the first two times ‘A’ tortured them. You would think this time around they would have learned a thing or two, but they have fallen back to their old ways very quickly.

SHAY MITCHELL, LUCY HALEThe Liars should have listened to Hanna or at least done more to show they were listening. When Han’s mom was being framed for murder, she went off to hide the gun herself. By the time the girls knew what Hanna was doing, it was too late. The same thing is happening now. Since no one would listen to her about Noel being A.D., she’s going to prove it herself.

Everything seems to be pointing to Noel being A.D., which makes me think he’s not. That, or we’re going to get a twist that it’s someone else and then it’s going to wrap back around to him. That’s what happened with Charlotte. We were sure it was her and then we thought it was someone else.

If Noel is A.D., Hanna needs to up her game in taking him down. We know he’s super smart. I’m not surprised he didn’t fall for the laced drink.

In the preview for the summer finale, Hanna finally calls on Mona. She should have teamed up with her first. If anyone can take down A.D., it’s Mona. She’s also super smart and she was once ‘A’.

Hanna isn’t the only one that hasn’t changed, the rest of the Liars haven’t learned either. They’re still breaking and entering to get their evidence and they’re not even using gloves. They should have watched some episodes of Veronica Mars to get some tips.

Not only that, but once again their evidence is stolen back. They can never hold on to the evidence that might actually help them.

TROIAN BELLISARIOWhile it’s not a surprise that Spencer didn’t kill anyone in the dollhouse, I knew that was just a sick joke, it was a little bit of a surprise to see Noel in there.

I always believed that CeCe needed help in the dollhouse, but I guess I always assumed that help was Sarah. Learning that Noel was at the dollhouse changes things. Even if he isn’t A.D., he was still part of Team ‘A’.

In the midst of all the ‘A’ drama, fans were finally getting to see Aria and Jason together. There always seemed to be chemistry between them but with Ezra, it was just bad timing.

We were given a clue that something happened with them in the time jump but this week we got to see what actually happened. Apparently, they were together, at least for a little. Jason even asked her to go away with him to Ethiopia.

Ezra once again came between them. Aria took a job as an editorial assistant at the publishing house that Ezra’s book was published at in hopes of being brought back to Ezra. All the signs are pointing to an Ezria endgame.

It’s not over yet, though. Nicole wasn’t one of the hostages found. Aria looked so relieved and I’m sure she partly hated herself for it. I completely understand. I was also terrified for what it meant if Nicole was alive. I feel bad for Ezra, though, being given that hope and then having it taken away.

Even if an Ezria wedding is coming, we still have half a season to go through. I guess we’ve got to give them some tension between now and then. We have enough tensions with the other PLL couples. I think we can let Ezria live happily ever after for now. We still have a lot of other couple drama.

Do you think Hanna has gone too far? Were you shocked to see Noel in the dollhouse? Let me know in the comments below.

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