Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk will be featured on a new show talking about their time on Firefly.

There are no better people to reminiscence about Firefly with than two fanboys, Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg. These fanboys have just launched a new show called Geeking Out that premieres August 14 at 11pm on AMC. They aired a Comic-Con special episode on July 24th.

GeekingOut SmithGrunbergAbramsWhile there, Fillion and Tudyk will be discussing Firefly and Con Man, but they won’t be the only two stars to get excited about on the premiere episode! Smith and Grunberg will also be talking to Grunberg’s good friend, J.J. Abrams about his new HBO series Westworld and reminisce about working in the business together.

Fillion and Tudyk will also give viewers a “behind-the-scenes scoop” on the next installments of Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, since they have guest starring roles in these films.

If the fanboy or fangirl in you is excited about this show, make sure to tune in to AMC on August 14th at 11pm. The following week the show will move to midnight, it’s normal time slot.

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