Game of Thrones has done it again! They ignited fans’ fervor and joy in one final shining fiery (literally fiery) moment. If anyone was worried if Season 6 would live up to the hype, the ending of “Book of the Stranger” answered that question for good. But first, we have a whole lot of other ground to cover.


************* SPOILERS BELOW ************

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CASTLE BLACK: The moment fans have been pining for ever since Season 1 finally happened. Two Starks were reunited on-screen! Just after Jon Snow gave up his Commander role, Sansa, Brienne, Podrick arrive at Castle Black. The moment plays out perfectly and the two embrace in an emotional hug. It was seriously tear-inducing. Later, they catch up and we realize Sansa and Jon were not the best of friends, but now, more than ever they need each other because a note arrives from Winterfell. It’s from the worst person alive, Ramsay Bolton. He taunts and threatens Jon, wanting Sansa back and teasing Rickon’s life at the cost of a war. Jon is over it, but Sansa has a “Yas Queen” moment and wants to fight and secure their home. She has really come into her own. Jon reluctantly agrees. We have a great battle coming and I’m on the Stark’s side. #WinterIsComing.


Also, let the Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane shippers begin. One long-held glance can start it all…


OUTSIDE THE EYRIE: Littlefinger finally makes his first appearance in Season 6. It seems he’s been traveling around, probably swindling local villagers into bad deals. He exerts major control over his “step-son” Robin Arryn and makes plans to reunite with Sansa at Castle Black. He feels bad about the whole selling Sansa to an insane psycho. I wonder how she’ll take his apology.


PYKE: This episode features 3 brother/sister reunions and this one is the least happy of all. Theon returns home to Pyke and asks for his sister, Yara’s, forgiveness. She is still hella pissed at him after she sacrificed everything to save him and he wouldn’t go with her. She’s also suspicious of Theon because he showed up just before the Kingsmoot and she thinks he wants to be King of the Iron Islands. He promises he just wants to help her. Aw, poor Theon!


WINTERFELL: Ramsay continues to be the worst, but if anyone can take him out, it’s resourceful wilding, Osha, although she did fail at keeping Rickon in hiding. After a tense moment of play, Osha almost reaches a knife but Ramsay beats her to it, cutting her throat. Goodbye Osha, we hardly knew ye.


KING’S LANDING: Down in King’s Landing, things are pretty terrible for everyone. Margaery is still in the dungeons and she has to sit through a speech by the High Sparrow. I’m not gonna lie, I totally tuned out everything the High Sparrow said. He is just beyond obnoxious at this point. Luckily for Margaery, she gets to visit her brother, Loras, who is doing worse than ever. He wants it all to end, but his sister is stronger. She won’t give up so easily.


And she can count Cersei as a new ally. Cersei hates the High Sparrow so much that she brings a proposition to her uncle Kevan Lannister and grandmother Olenna Tyrell. She wants to bring in the Tyrell army and fight the Sparrows, free Margaery, and take back the city. That sounds like a plan I am on board with and so are Kevan and Olenna. This is a perfect time for the phrase ‘your enemy’s enemy is your friend.’ I hope this works out for them all because ultimately the High Sparrow is the worst (3rd to Joffrey and Ramsay).


MEEREEN: Over in Meereen, Tyrion brokers a deal with the Slave Masters of the three cities that are funding the Sons of the Harpy. He basically gives them 7 years to abolish slavery if they stop funding the Harpies. Both Grey Worm and Missandei are upset by this (as well as the freed Meereenese), but it seems to be the only solution to ensure peace for the time being. Tyrion proves himself a smart politician, but will it pay off?


VAES DOTHRAK: Daario and Jorah plan to break into Vaes Dothrak to rescue Daenerys, but first they bicker. Daario discovers Jorah’s massively spreading greyscale. Daenerys, however, isn’t one to be rescued. She befriends a fellow Dosh Khaleen widow and meets up with Jorah and Daario after they get in a scuffle. (She has a plan, that Daenerys.) She meets with all the leaders of the Dothraki to hear her fate. They basically tell her they will kill her, but she is Daenerys Targaryen and she will not be killed! So, she pushes over a pillar of fire and ignites the entire tent in fire, killing all the Dothraki leaders. She emerges from the fire, unscathed. All of the Dothraki bow down (as well as Jorah and Daario) for she is the Unburnt! This truly was a spectacular and breathtaking moment! If you were starting to lose faith in Daenerys, this moment took it all back. She now has a Dothraki army and Westeros is looking closer and closer!


This episode had some truly great moments: the brother/sister reunions of Sansa and Jon, Theon and Yara, and Margaery and Loras provided much needed emotional moments while the scene at the ending of the episode with Daenerys was pure fun and excitement. Season 6 is looking better than ever!

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