SHIELD 3 castHIVE/Ward thinks he’s a godsend, a miracle made by accident because two Kree reapers wondered ten thousand years ago what would happen if an Earthling got their blood.

Today, they must be sorry they asked.

The result has convinced apparently former SHIELD agent Daisy Johnson that she must do anything to help him and Dr. Radcliffe to turn Earth into an Inhuman world.

Can anything be done to stop it? This week’s episode suggests the answer is no.


The episode describes H/W’s attempts to make humans like him, and SHIELD’s efforts to find an anti-toxin that will break the spell he’s got on Daisy. It describes the results, of course, and shows how one has the upper hand over the other.

HIVE/Ward may be very dangerous, but Brett Dalton’s portrayal of him is rather flat. He sounds like SHIELD Failed Experiments Aan amateur version of Hamlet when he tells the latest group of HYDRA executives they’re about to be Inhumanized (then die), recalls how his old self (Alveus or HIVE) was kicked out of Earth, and makes a quick reference to the Captain America movie out this week. However, when he is challenged by SHIELD, he is very impossible to kill.

The real shock is how Daisy is becoming more and more committed to H/W’s plans, yet it seems she also wants SHIELD to rescue her. Chloe Bennet does a much better job showing how conflicted she seems to be. SHIELD is able to track her down to a small town in Wyoming that H/W and Radcliffe were able to buy for their experiments. She wants to believe in what he wants to do, but she also thinks she can convince SHIELD that he’s right, and that making Earth an Inhuman world is a good thing. It’s one thing to switch sides, but it’s another to convince both of them to join. It’s also interesting H/W and Daisy have this discussion in a church, since he’s decided he’ll be the new God around here.

SHIELD Failed Experiments CMac thinks she can break away, but her arguments against it are surprising. First off, she is upset that SHIELD has to rescue her again, and resents the fact that they turned her into a soldier. She also says that she did look at Mac as a big brother, although he had problems being a brother himself. She insists SHIELD should join her, and Mac especially. When he refuses, it leads to a very brutal fight that she says she takes no pleasure in. She doesn’t want to kill Mac. She wants him to be like her, and it really hurts her hitting him when he refuses. However, he winds up quite injured afterwards.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons try to come up with an antitoxin to cure Daisy. Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) is willing to be the guinea pig because he’s frustrated he’s not out in the field helping. Coulson is still worried Lincoln could lose control of his powers, which almost happened with Alisha (Alicia Vela-Bailey) last week. Lincoln decides to reject orders and injects himself with the antitoxin. It causes him to set off an electrical storm in the lab, but he survives it. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t work.

By the way, Fitz and Simmons may be an item at last, but they do make sure they keep their personal feelings out of their job. As she points out, if she wanted a boyfriend that always agreed with her, she would have kept some guy named Milton.

Seeing James (Axle Whitehead), the guy who can turn anything into firebombs (including a billiard ball), flirt with May at the town bar SHIELD Failed Experiments Bwas also very funny. She kept it going long enough to learn what she can about H/W’s plan before knocking him out.

As for H/W, he makes a very rash decision and informs a couple of Kree Reapers that he’s hoping to recreate their experiments. They look imposing, but they also look like rejected applicants to the Blue Man Group. Daisy uses her kinetic powers to kill one of them, while H/W kills the other. It shows how impressive, and deadly, the combination of Daisy and HIVE/Ward really is. In fact, he can even regenerate any wounds faster than former unkillable cheerleader Claire Bennett. He can also tear hearts out of Reapers.

Daisy also seems to be more committed to the cause. He says that he needs Kree blood to make new Inhumans, and Daisy offers her own blood. When she was shot by Ian Quinn back in season one, Kree blood was used to revive her. She’s willing to be drained to change the world and get his trust. Both are bad news for Earth.

It may also suggest she will be the one who may die in two weeks, if she’s through with SHIELD because H/W infected her. Lots of people hope not, since there’s concern ABC won’t pick up Agent Carter and SHIELD’s Most Wanted when the new fall lineup is announced next week. SHIELD needs some good news very quickly.

By the way, where’s Lash? Could he be designed to get rid of HIVE/Ward?

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