SHIELD Spacetime AIf you got a glimpse of the future, and it was a terrible one, would you do anything to change it?

That’s what agent Daisy Johnson wants to do when the show takes a few steps into The Twilight Zone after she gets a vision from a homeless Inhuman. Meanwhile, Ward/HIVE is setting up a future he can picture, with some help from Malick.

The episode centers on a homeless man named Charles Hinton (Bjorn Johnson) who touches another man (Wolfgang Bodison), and he sees his own death. Not only that, he knows about Daisy, SHIELD and HYDRA. Daisy arrives in New York, and HYDRA attacks. Sure enough, the man does die, as his vision predicted. She winds up touching Charles just as HYDRA grabs him, and she sees a future where Coulson shoots her, and Lincoln’s (Luke Mitchell) face was covered in blood. She sees Charles dying, saying “I was hoping you could help,” and Fitz-Simmons are standing in the snow.

From there, Daisy does whatever she can to fight the future, even though Fitz says she can’t. She doesn’t buy that, SHIELD Spacetime Cbecause she thinks she was meant to save Charles. She finds out Charles was a teacher and a loving father. His visions, which predicted death, forced him to leave his family. It’s a heartbreaking example of how being an Inhuman can be a curse as often as being a blessing.

However, there is an Inhuman who thinks his curse could be a blessing. He is Andrew Garner, aka Lash (Blair Underwood). He surrenders to SHIELD because he thinks he will become Lash permanently, and wants to spend his final moments with May. She is torn about this because as she tells Simmons, “Every move we make changes the future. The real feat would be changing the past.” She wishes Andrew never met her, thinking he would have avoided being a killer of Inhumans. Thing is, he’d still have the terrigenesis gene inside him. That destiny is inevitable, and he does become Lash permanently. Still, is he right that SHIELD should have him around in case HYDRA gets worse?

SHIELD Spacetime EIt looks that way, since Ward/HIVE is healthy again, rocking a long coat Neo from The Matrix would envy. Malick (Powers Boothe) thinks he and Ward can change the world, although there’s a fear only one of them may get the chance. They head to Transia, a company that helped make one of Coulson’s old hands. After a very hostile takeover, Malick gets his hands on an exoskeleton that will give him the power he craves, power than not even his nine point two billion dollars can’t buy. He even kills the former head of Transia for good measure. With both of these guys causing major problems, maybe it would be a good idea to have Lash around.

Still, could the future be changed? Daisy’s visions give her ideas on how to do just that, even running mock battles to change the future. This shows that she can develop skills to run a mission, which surprises Coulson so much he calls her Skye. She reminds him she’s Daisy, of course. They grow up so fast.

When they arrive at Transia, Daisy’s plan seems to work. However, Coulson arrives and shoots in Daisy’s direction…but it’s to stop an assassin at the other side of a one-way mirror. He also found out Ward is back. Lincoln tries to get near him, but he winds up with a bad head wound causing large amounts of blood to falls down his face.

Malick confronts Daisy with his exo-skeleton, but before he kills her, Charles touches Malick…who gets a glimpse SHIELD Spacetime Babout how he will die. Not only that, fans don’t need to be a prophet to figure out who’ll make it happen. Malick strangles Charles, but Daisy shoves him away. At that point, she figures out an Inhuman was meant to save another: Charles was meant to save Daisy. That’s a very nice twist. All he asks is that Daisy protect his daughter, in case she has the terrigenesis gene. As he says, “I was hoping you can help me”, and she will. However, she gets another vision of the future, one that we have seen. It’s from four weeks ago, where a spaceship blows up and a SHIELD agent seems to be aboard.

And the snow? It was actually ash from the burning billboard on the top of the building. That’s a relief for Fitz and Simmons, and maybe a sign some things are inevitable.

Showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tanchareon did a fine job in this story featuring Daisy as the potential leader of Inhumans who will do whatever than can to benefit mankind. Throwing in the possibility that Lash could be a secret weapon in SHIELD’s war against Ward/HIVE and HYDRA amplifies that, but Lash will eventually have to answer for what he has done.

However, Malick also suffers two major setbacks. Giyera (Mark Dacascos), who is supposed to be Malick’s security chief, has apparently switched to Ward/HIVE. The other one, of course, is that he has seen his death. Will he try to change it by holding off Ward/HIVE? For him, it’ll be extremely easier said than done.

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