Julie Plec knows how to put us on an emotional roller coaster. There was more than just a few surprises in the winter premiere.

*** Spoilers Below ***

When we left off in December, I was very angry with Julie. I couldn’t believe she had just killed off Cami, even though, she’s known for her big deaths. I just couldn’t accept that Klaus and Cami had finally kissed and admitted their feelings for each other and now she was dead.

OR310a_0318bI was feeling the same way as Klaus was when he discovered her body and was throwing things around the room. I may not have physically been doing what he was doing, but I was certainly thinking it.

Then all of a sudden Cami woke up, and I sighed a big sigh of relief. If only that was it. Julie was not done playing with our emotions.

It should come to no surprise that Cami didn’t want to drink blood and transition. I was right there with Klaus screaming for her to drink. I, just like Klaus, was selfishly wanting her to drink.

Elijah and Freya were in the right. This was her choice to make and no one else’s. There was so much more going on in the episode, but I just wanted her to drink, so I could know she was going to live.

It took the entire episode for her to make the choice to transition. Her fears may have been well placed. She likes the taste of blood a little too much. It will be interesting to watch her transition, but I think Klami is going to be put on hold for a little bit.

Julie likes do this to us. She briefly gives you the couple you want and then puts obstacles in their way.

I thought I only had Cami to worry about in this episode, but I was wrong. I did not see Jackson getting killed. I was too busy worrying about Cami.

I’ve been wanting Hayley and Elijah to get together, but I never wanted this. I liked Jackson. It breaks my hear that the Mikaelson drama had to be the death of him. Why did he have to be collateral damage?

This won’t help Hayley and Elijah getting together. Hayley is too broken hearted and how long will it take her to start blaming the Mikaelsons?

Aurora is in the wind. Klaus still desperately wants to seek revenge on her for what she did to Cami. I guess, at least, they got Tristan out of the way, but I think Aurora is the more dangerous one to worry about.

I’m happy that this storyline hasn’t come to an end yet. It’s kind of nice that the Originals are coming up against villains that can’t just easily handle. Even when they do come up against these foes, they still come up on top, but it’s just more difficult.

Vincent had an amazing episode. He was never supposed to go back to using magic, but he’s just so good at it. I think if he put his mind to it, he could do a lot of good. He saved the Mikaelsons this week and maybe he can figure out a way to make peace between the witches and the Mikaelsons. Maybe.

Vincent will need to be helping Cami keep her humanity. We’ve seen how bad transitioning vampires can get in the past and if Cami has a dark side, this could get ugly.

Are you happy Cami decided to become a vampire? Were you upset Jackson was killed off? Let me know in the comments below.

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