Scott and Stiles continue their bromance as they start putting the band back together again.  It’s interesting the episode is named “Codominance” when the boys are together working to re-solidify a still fractured team who are acting without one another.

**** Spoilers Below****

Last week was a turning point for Scott as he and Stiles started down the road of working through what caused such a rift between them during the first part of this season.  Yeah, the easy answer is Theo, but even more so it was them not communicating with each other and then not believing the other could help them with what was going on in their lives.

It was so good to see Stiles tell Scott about Donovan’s death.  More importantly, it was even better to see them both being best friends again, supporting each other.  tw-codominance2To the point where Stiles had to remind Scott that, “If they were getting the band back together again, they couldn’t leave out the drummer.”  His wisdom to Scott that giving Liam the cold shoulder wasn’t helping their cause after he came to Scott to apologize and offer his help.  Personally, I am glad that this season is showing the consequences of several poor choices made by each of the pack.  Also, the road to becoming one team wasn’t going to be done overnight, and that it was going to take hard work.

TW 5.12 KiraThis week centered on Kira’s journey.  It was about her trying to reclaim control over her kitsune.  She was brought to the desert by her Mom to have these skin walkers help her not lose herself to the Fox.  Most of her story this week was testing her to see if there was hope in her reclaiming control, and when. I love Kira’s support and concern for her friends and Scott, you could tell she wasn’t accepting her Mom’s answer when she was told either she would stay with the skin walkers indefinitely or for years; she was getting back to Scott and her friends.  I also have to give Scott the best scene this week jumping out of the jeep to save Kira and her Mom.  It’s good to see him back up to form (though I doubt he’s 100% yet).  Bringing Kira back home not only supports Scott’s plan of bringing the pack back together, Kira can be the heart of the pack… it’s good to have her back.

Out of all of the characters on Teen Wolf, Liam seems the most like a normal teenager who simply wants to have a girlfriend ateen-wolf-5x13-liam-haydennd get through high school.  He didn’t ask to become a werewolf, he didn’t ask for his girlfriend to be a chimera that died and was brought back to life.  Watching his struggles and growing pains on what to do, and when to
do them seems very authentic.  This week his jealousy was showing when he saw Hayden and Theo; both he and Mason didn’t get why Theo’s chimera stay with him even though they know he’s not a good person.  Then the honesty hits like a ton of bricks… it’s about survival, it’s about not wanting to die again.  For the chimera pack, it’s not about good or evil, it’s about not wanting to live in fear of dying again.  Unfortunately, that feeling is all too human and it’s the same reason street gangs get kids also afraid of not being in the gangs.  Theo has been playing on these fears and will continue to until someone shows his pack they don’t have a reason to be afraid.

TW 5.13 Malia TheoSurprisingly, Malia’s beat down of Theo wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as many of us were hoping for from the previews.  In fact, when it was clear he was just toying with her, almost enjoying it became irritating.  There has been so much talk about the Desert Wolf that I hope that story comes next.  There has been enough build up, let’s get on with it.  TeenWolf-401Lydia’s training with Meredith is worth mentioning, her continued training in her head to amplify her banshee cry.  She is gonna be one badass banshee before the end of this season being able to stand toe to toe with Scott, Kira and Malia.  It can’t come soon enough.

Every week gets more and more interesting with the beast, with Theo and his pack, but most of all watching Scott’s pack  come back together, taking the fractured parts and watching them work at trusting each other again.  Go Team Scott!  Catch up with all of them every Tuesday night on MTV.


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