Geekie Awards 2015 DJWell, they did it again.  The Geekerati got together to celebrate their own this year, and it was bigger and better than before. The 3rd annual Geekie Awards were held at the Nokia Live Theatre in DTLA on October 15, 2015.  Andrew Bowen hosted us through the event, with special guests like Kevin Smith and Ernie Hudson taking the stage to present and provide entertainment.  As in years past, event founder Kristen Nedopak wrangled in far more talent than we could grab for interviews; but to be fair, there are so many cool kids lining up on the red carpet, we could have a press line for 3 hours and just barely make it through them all! But that’s a sign you’re doing it right, if you ask me.
Check out our interviews below, and pop on over to the Geekie Awards official website to see who won the niftiest award trophy in the industry (really, they’re these super neat space guns) and watch the video of the show itself.

Mark your calendars – you won’t want to miss the awards next year!
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