The Pretty Little Liars’ panel opened up with the first four minutes of the winter premiere and the fans went wild. They went the craziest when Hanna was shown on a plane with a little girl sitting next to her. Everyone thought it was a Haleb baby and was totally let down when the baby wasn’t Hanna’s.

Fans finally got what they were waiting for when Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse were invited on to the stage. They were joined by executive producers, I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty.

Marlene and the other producers gave very little away about the second half of season six. Ashley tried to tell fans about something she was upset about, but Marlene shut her down and said you have to watch the special episode airing on November 24th.

Spencer is sporting some bangs in the little teaser fans got and Troian said she was told she could do anything with her hair, but of course it’s Spencer. So she had to put her dreams of lavender hair to rest.

She gave very little away about where Spencer is at in the five-year flash-forward, but she said, “I was so ready to take on Spencer to another level.” She feels like Spencer hasn’t realized her full potential yet and it was nice to see her so successful in her career and to be in a completely different world.

Lucy was not allowed to tell fans what the relationship status of Ezria is, but she said: “That’s why I love that preview, because it sort of leaves it up to you of where they are at in their relationship.”

She was excited and surprised to see that Aria got into publishing because she always had a love for photography. The preview showed Aria looking at a back cover with a picture of Ezra on it. She said we will find out later why she’s looking at Ezra on the back of the book. While Lucy was saying they will always be in each others lives, someone from the crowd screamed that the relationship is complicated and she agreed: “Yes, it’s complicated.”

Ashley may have got shut down when she tried to tell fans a juicy tidbit, but she did tell the crowd that Hanna is in fashion and traveling the world. She also wished that the baby on the plane was Hanna’s. Once again a fan screamed out in the crowed and this time it was to ask if Hanna entered any more pageants. Ashley replied: “She entered in every pageant and lost every single one. And Shay helped me out.”

Shay was the most mysterious with what little she told fans. She believes Emily has had the toughest time during the five years, but “just like all the girls, they stay strong despite what they’ve been through.”

One of the first things fans got to see in the preview was Alison as a teacher.

“Well, I think it’s very ironic that she’s a teacher in the same classroom as Ezra was teaching in,” Sasha said.

She said she was very surprised that Alison was a teacher and it really threw her off guard, but she believes we are going to love where the story is going.

With this new beginning Sasha said that you don’t have to binge watch the show from the beginning, you can start fresh with the winter premiere.

“We’re telling a new story and bringing you back in with new secrets and new lies,” she said.

Be sure to check out the special on November 24th and season 6B will premiere on January 12th on ABC Family (Freeform).

Check out the first four minutes of the Winter Premiere:

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