Last week’s attempt to capture a dread doctor went horribly wrong, and this week Scott and his friends deal with those consequences while Liam and Hayden try to survive their experience with the dread doctors.  Only two new episodes left of Teen Wolf left before the mid season break.

**** Spoilers Bellow****

            Tonight’s beginning scene with Scott was powerful.  Scott is desperately looking for Liam and Scott RoarHayden after last week’s botched attempt at protecting Hayden.  Not only was she captured, but was Liam as well, and Scott is feeling the brunt of those failures. We have been seeing the increase of  pressure on Scott with the mounting bodies of teenagers piling up.  In some ways, Scott and Sheriff Stilinski are in very similar roles. Unfortunately under that pressure both of them made poor decisions this week

Stilinski was called to the McCall house by Melissa because she found a dead chimera in her home with Kira’s sword embedded within the body.  Melissa called him because I felt she needed another parent to help understand what their children are involved in.  I guess I didn’t see the conversation between her and Stile’s Dad coming.  It was one of the strongest scenes that happened Monday.  I can’t believe that Stilinski treated the dead chimera like she was another natural case.  I get that the sheriff has been more distrustful of things supernatural all season, especially in how he has been treating Parrish.  By now I thought we had moved past this and that he understood that he is a town sheriff where supernatural not only exists, but bodies like the chimera will be part of Scott and Stile’s lives while they live in Beacon Hills.  I doubt Melissa will be calling him for help any time soon, continuing with the theme of unrest within our pack, and now also their loved ones.

-teen-wolf---15-eye-I have always been a fan of Liam since he became a werewolf last season.  I respect that he is taking a longer time to own his role of protector, but this week he took even more steps with  Hayden to become a hero.   They go through a lot as they endure experimentation by the dread doctors.  I thought it was really cool to watch him use his powers to try to take away Hayden’s pain.  Liam has never really had reason to embrace his beta persona, but I think she is giving him motivation to use what he has been given in order to care for her.

Along with seeing more of Liam, I always love when Deacon is part of an episode, it feels like whatever he is doing is important to the main story.  Tonight we got to see a glimpse TW 5.8 Desert Wolf1of his travels as he too was looking for answers on the new evil in Beacon Hills.  He not only found an old base of the dread doctors, but he found or rather was found by Malia’s mother, the Desert Wolf. We have all been waiting to see who the Desert Wolf is, and while there wasn’t a lot of screen time for her this week, I am sure her appearance now is only a tease until Teen Wolf returns in 2016.  I am also wondering if she and  Deacon will be teaming up for the second part of the season. I know she starts off by saying she is going to kill her daughter if she’s alive, but I hope that writing throws her and Deacon together, or was I the only one who felt the chemistry between them?  I am throwing out now that Deacon and the Desert Wolf is the next big couple.
TW 5.8 Scott Neck Tap1Normally, Scott is slow to action, and wants to think the best of everyone or at least give them the benefit of the doubt.  When he does act, they do it as a pack, together, Stiles, Lydia, and even Kira and Malia move as a team.  Tonight, though, Scott was fierce, he wanted Liam found, and even though the neck tap was dangerous, Scott willingly took the risk, unfortunately that risk also included Cory.  This is where his pack saw him as reckless.  I personally could see both sides.   This is the first time Scott attempted using his powers in that way.  I am not sure if I would call Scott being reckless, but right now, he was doing what he thought was best to rescue his beta.   He is being an alpha, and Scott will do what it takes to find where he believes Liam and Hayden are being held.  Scott doesn’t look for other’s input.  He has the answers, and he is ready to move.  This felt very forced because we know this season is creating a wedge between Scott and Stiles.  We see what is going on and some of the consequences because their not behaving as a team.

You can tell that we are getting closer to Lydia’s vision of the first episode.  Last week we saw Stiles unconsciTW 5.8 Ourboros - Kitsune1ous in  his jeep, this week Sheriff Stilinski being slapped by Melissa, and Kira leaving town to better reclaim balance of her kitsune.  All these events inch us closer to the future Lydia was living in.  Also, we find out Kira was one of the first to be experimented on by the dread doctors, causing whatever that is happening with her fox.  I can’t help but believe she is going to be one of the keys in defeating them.  Hopefully, the second part of the season will be Kira becoming stronger, honing mastery over her fox in order to come back and be pinnacle in defeating the dread doctors.

There was so much that happened in the last fifteen minutes.  I was glad that Liam and Hayden were rescued, even though it was by Theo.  Scott and his team was searching for them in the wrong place while Theo and Lydia got more information from Cory.  I hate that Theo is again the hero, I think that it will be another rift for Scott, this time with Liam.  Finally, Parrish takes the chimera’s body again after battling the Beacon Hill’s sheriff’s office, only this time Stiles and Lydia discover that he is the one taking the bodies and bringing them to the Nemeton.  We might actually get some answers to as to what kind of creature is Parrish?  I am still not convinced he is knowingly evil, but more than that we are going to have to wait and see.  Be here next week again only two more episodes left of Teen Wolf  before the mid season break.  New episodes of Teen Wolf air on Monday at 10/9c on MTV.teen-wolf-season-5-episode-8-parrish




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