Eliza TaylorAs fans of The CW’s The 100 know, at the end of Season 2 we left our groups in various states of peril and personal growth. Clarke has left Camp Jaha on a search for introspection after her morality-changing decisions and Lexa’s betrayal; Octavia is firmly aligned with the Grounders now, and, most interestingly, Murphy and Jaha have voyaged to another, “promised” land, where Jaha chases after a drone and Murphy finds a lovely house that happens to be inhabited by a quite self-aware A.I. And that’s just the topline goods! As Season 3 is being developed even now, we had the pleasure of sitting down with actors Marie Avgeropoulos, Eliza Taylor and Ricky Whittle, as well as EP Jason Rothernberg, to get some hints as to what’s coming in the next season and how the talent is enjoying their solid fame and fan base from this massive hit show.

Watch the videos below and remember to check out The 100 on Hulu, Google Play, Vudu, Netflix and The CW.

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