11063757_10153068608537771_3942495545348276804_nWhile at LA Theatre Works‘ most recent play, You Never Can Tell (a lesser-known play by George Bernard Shaw), I was lucky enough to meet Susan Sullivan (Martha Rogers, Castle), who portrayed a character named Mrs. Clandon in the show. She kindly agreed to an interview after the Saturday night performance.

11247712_10152981121453802_3783592496222121936_nWhedonopolis: First of all, congratulations on a fantastic show!

Susan: Thank you.

Whedonopolis: How did you get involved with LA Theatre Works?

Susan: Ooh, that’s a good question. How did I get involved with LA Theatre Works? I should have thought of how that happened… I’m going to have to spin my mind back. Well, you know I’ve known about LA Theatre Works for a long time because this is a place where actors can come when they’re – particularly if they’re fortunate enough, as I have been, to be on a television series because it only takes a week of your time. And I think that just a play came up and somebody dropped out – oh, the lovely thing of a drop out – and they asked me to come in. And somebody I knew was in the play – one of those things; I don’t remember exactly.

Whedonopolis: How many LA Theatre Works shows have you done so far?

Susan: I did School for Scandal, Kindertransport, and this one [You Never Can Tell]. I think that’s it. And then I did Pentagon Papers, which we also did here, and also took on tour. And that was really fascinating, because I saw some of the country and did master classes with really wonderful actors all across the country and it was great, because it was an interesting piece of material to work on.

Whedonopolis: Is it fun to get the break from Castle to work on this?

Susan: Yes. It’s always very interesting in life, as you know, to do a variety of things, and not to just play the same character over and over again. So, yeah.

Whedonopolis: I know that Seamus Dever has also worked on LA Theatre Works productions; have any of your other Castle cast mates done the same?

Susan: Yes, Molly Quinn. I brought Molly in to play my daughter on Kindertransport. All in the family. *laughs*

Whedonopolis: Wonderful! And are you happy that Castle has finished another fantastic season?

Susan: Yes, and we’re going to have another – you know I was interviewed a number of times, and I’d be asked how many season I thought Castle would go. I said, “It will go eight.”

Whedonopolis: That’s impressive!

Susan: I’m impressed with myself. I don’t even know where that came from! *laughs* But I do think that it will be – I know it’s going to go eight. I don’t think it’ll go more than that. Maybe it will, but who knows; we’ll see. Keep this as a quote!

Whedonopolis: Is there anywhere you’d like to see Martha go on Castle that she hasn’t gone yet?

Susan: I like where my character went this year. I’m a little scared to move out because I don’t know what’ll happen if I move out – you may never see me again! You see me little enough as it is.

Whedonopolis: But Martha is an integral part of Castle’s life.

Susan: Thank you, thank you. You know what, I don’t have any idea. You know, people are always asking if I want Martha to have a romance or an affair… I like when the writers come up with it.

Whedonopolis: Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it!

Susan: Well, you’re welcome! It was great to meet you, and thanks for seeing You Never Can Tell.

The show was wonderful, as is the case with every show I’ve seen at LA Theatre Works. If you ever get the chance to see a show there, take advantage and enjoy it!

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