Though I’ll be heartbroken when Orphan Black ends after 10 short episodes, I’m not sure I could handle a much longer season with all the action and excitement that gets jam packed into every episode.


 This episode picks up where last week left off, with Sarah still on a mad hunt for Helena. Speaking of Helena, poor girl can’t catch a break.  After finally being let out of the box, where she was kept company by a talking scorpion, the people holding her decide to waterboard her and run other tests on her.

Luckily the waterboarding ends pretty quickly, as the resident HBIC says the blood tests show that Helena is pregnant.  She takes Helena outside and feeds her (always a way to get on Helena’s good side) and tells her that her family betrayed her.  Helena isn’t buying that Sarah would throw her under the bus.

Alison and Donnie are scheming at the soccer fields, where apparently everything goes down in suburbia.  Alison’s dealer, Ramon, shows up (not sure why he’s at the soccer fields, but anyways) and he tells Alison he’s getting out of the business to go to college.  This is a lightbulb for Alison, who just got done discussing financial issues with Donnie, since he quit his job and she is now trying to run for school trustee.

d5bzrdfa6yx8cxtkoswoCal is back and apparently has bought a new home in town, I guess so that he can play house with Sarah and Kira.  The Castor clones seem to all be a bit crazy, and they seem to be having some health issues of their own as Seth is shown to be glitching out while Paul is running some mental exam on him.  Rudy cuts in and prevents further questioning from Paul, but later we see Seth going into a near breakdown and punching a car when he starts glitching again.

This leads to Rudy going and breaking into Felix’s apartment looking for clues left by Duncan as to the origin DNA or other hints that can help with their problem.  Sarah arrives with Kira at the loft and Rudy is still inside.  Meanwhile, Paul shows up at Cal’s and has him at gunpoint.  At this point I really dislike Paul.  It seems like he is still trying to protect Sarah, but I just don’t see many redeeming qualities in him otherwise.  He kind of warns Cal that Sarah may be in danger and she needs to get out of town with Kira.  So Cal goes to check up on them at the loft, which is a good thing because Rudy and Seth are there and looking to cause trouble.

OB3_ep302_D3_10_16_GK-0032Alison and Donnie have a meeting with Ramon to discuss taking over his product and client list.  Alison and Ramon do a little negotiating and they agree to a cash amount, which Alison explains to Donnie will help them with their money problem, as well as help get her votes, since most of Ramon’s clients are people who will be voting for school trustee.


Rudy is in the apartment and has Kira at gunpoint while asking Sarah for answers.  He wants to know what Duncan gave them and if they have the Castor origin samples, etc.  She obviously doesn’t, but he isn’t buying it and as it looks like things might get ugly, Seth starts having a complete meltdown after fighting with Cal.  Seth starts glitching and falls to the ground screaming.  Hearing this, Rudy  leaves Sarah and Kira and goes to his brother.  Shockingly, after assessing the situation, Rudy shoots and kills Seth to put him out of his misery.

After this scare, Sarah has finally been convinced to get Kira away from the situation.  She sends Kira off with Cal to go somewhere else until they can get this all resolved.

Cosima wasn’t in the episode much, but we did learn that her health is rebounding a bit, which is always good news.  Delphine, unfortunately, wasn’t in the episode at all, but after last week’s Cosima/Delphine drama I think I could use a break to recover, anyways.

What did you think of the episode?  How are you liking the new season and the Castor clones so far?  Comment below!

Orphan Black airs Saturday at 9/8c on BBC America. Watch full episodes on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and On Demand (check with your local cable provider).

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