The episode starts with a flashback to two days prior, where Hank is choking Nick for some reason, and then seems to woge.  What?!  Didn’t see that coming.  Back in present day, Monroe and Rosalee are having Nick and Hank over for dinner.  Rosalee casually asks how everything is, and Nick goes off on a bit of a tangent about not having any idea what’s going on with Juliette or where she is, and then he storms out.

Rosalee says that even though Henrietta says this is irreversible, she’s not really buying it and still wants to see what they can do to help Juliette.  Juliette meanwhile is getting drunk at a bar and flirting with some guy who comes and buys her a couple drinks.  This take a sour turn and she ends up woging in front of the guy and then throwing him across the room.  So, she isn’t doing too well, it appears!

Grimm-Mishipeshu-Mishipeshu-30653-review-coverThis week’s Wesen mystery starts at a school, where a janitor gets attacked by a Wesen that appears to be glowing.  The principal of the school tells them they had some graffiti of racial slurs at the school on some of the lockers and this murder could have something to do with it. The slurs involved some Native Americans in the area and one of the boys wakes up with blood on his face out in the forest.

Renard brings Rosalee his mother’s book, so they can try to figure out how to get Juliette back to normal.

The victim, Lawrence Killburn, had a history of assault and some other various charges, but had been clean the last few years.  Simon George, the victim of the racial slur bullying, went into foster care when he was five because his father was murdered.  Wu lets Nick know that Juliette has been arrested and is in jail elsewhere for assault.  He goes and talks to her and she says she likes this power and she can’t stop doing the things she’s doing.

Hank goes with the local police to talk to Simon’s tribe’s spiritual guide, Hector, at the reserve.  Hector says he left Simon on Spirit Mountain and he is on a spirit quest.  Another victim turns up, a mechanic named Declan Burke.  His background also shows arrests for assault, with him being clean the last few years.  So, it seems our two victims share a similar history.  Simon is then shown in the mountains doing some Native American chant and summoning a spirit that enters his body.

maxresdefault-300x168Nick and crew find a link between the victims, and a 3rd party that they think ran with them, Maxwell McClay.  They decide to pay Max a visit, but it looks like Simon might have gotten to him first.  Simon attacks Max as Nick and crew are walking up to the house.  They go talk to Hector again, who says what they are describing they saw is a Mishipeshu.

Renard seems to space out for a second when he is in line at a street vendor.  He follows the guy who was in front of him in line and punches him by his car.  When he gets back to the station, Renard finds the man’s wallet in his jacket and seems to have no recollection of how it got there.

Hector performs some type of ritual so they can find out where Simon is going through seeing where he has been.  Hank starts seeing visions of what Simon has seen, including the murder of his father, by the men Simon has been killing in present day.

850805_029Hank appears possessed and runs off.  Hector thinks Simon must be headed to his father’s grave, so Nick and the gang head that way in pursuit of Hank.  Hank and Simon run into each other and the Mishipeshu leaves Simon and enters Hank.  It appears Hank has probably gone after Max to finish off what it started.  Simon and Hector go to Max’s house and tell the Mishipeshu it is no longer needed.  Hank goes into attack mode on Nick, but Hector blows something into Hank’s face, causing the Mishipeshu to abandon his body. It appears the Mishipeshu takes control of the bodies it is in and is vengeful; it caused Simon to kill the men who murdered his father.

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