Doc DaVinci 2Peter Capaldi has been making a big impression this year as the 12th Doctor. Later this month, he’ll take on another daunting role:  Leonardo DaVinci.

Inside the Mind of Leonardo will take a unique look at the artist and inventor through thousands of notes and drawings produced by him. Capaldi will narrate by reading passages from these documents, capturing the passion of DaVinci’s genius, his view of the natural world, his insights on art and life and his inner fears and torments. It will also look at the more ordinary parts of his life, including off-color jokes and health tips.

Here’s a couple of clips from the movie, thanks to YouTube. He’s dressed more like the Doctor than DaVinci, but he’s still compelling.

The movie was produced by History Films, part of the History Channel, and distributed by Submarine Deluxe. It will be released in selected theaters on December 19th. IndieWire has the trailer, while the Hollywood Reporter has a review. There’s also a discussion of the production of the movie with director Julian Jones. Click here to see it.

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