Seriously Dandy needs a good beating. I can’t tell if I’m supposed to feel sorry for him or if I am supposed to despise him.



american-horror-story-episode-6-preview-bullseyeThe twins have found themselves at the Mott household and, while Bette is beyond happy with her new home, Dot is far more suspicious about her new accommodations and her hosts. It would seem though, that Bette, has grown quite attached to Dandy and believes she is in love with him. He begins to explain that he read a story about a surgery to separate conjoined twins and now Dot is beginning to think that is just what she needs, so she can be with Jimmy, of course.

Upon further investigation Dot realizes that one of the twins who was separated had died, still she desires Jimmy more than remaining with her sister. When Dot continues to refute Dandy’s advances, he becomes outraged and feels heartbroken over the harsh words she wrote in her diary. He now believes he was put on the earth to bring death. 

Meanwhile, Paul indulges in a romantic affair and as he goes to buy perfume for his lady friend, he runs into Dandy, but is swiftly removed from the store simply for being different. At least he has romance to keep him happy, though. Paul is suspicious of Dandy’s purchases at the store and goes to Jimmy with his suspicions.

Paul isn’t the only one who is suspicious about the twins’ whereabouts. Elsa, who was responsible for their disappearance, is playing coy and trying to maintain her cover of being completely innocent in the whole affair. But, they have bigger problems, since Stanley now has his eye on Jimmy and wants Maggie to help lure him in. But, Maggie offers up someone different in order to save Jimmy, Ma Petite. Tricking the tiny carny, Maggie brings her to the barn to drown Ma like she and Stanley planned. However, she is unable to follow through with the plan. But, Stanley still wants his freak and insists that Maggie get Jimmy.

American Horror Story - Episode 4.06 - Bullseye - Promotional PhotosPaul and Elsa have a heated conversation about the twins and she lashes out on all of her “monsters.” Using guilt as her weapon she makes herself into the victim and Jimmy is the one trying to control the situation. But Elsa wants proof that her carneys have trust in her and insists that one of them straps themselves to the wheel of death. Paul volunteers and after two perfect throws on the third shot she lands a knife right in Paul’s abdomen.

When the doctor doesn’t show up, Jimmy becomes suspicious of Elsa. He and Maggie decide to run off together but beforehand he pays the Motts a visit. Back at the circus the Bearded Lady promises Elsa that if she is lying about the Twins she will kill her. But all Elsa wants is to be love…aww!

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