I’ll tell you one thing never again will I be able to look at cupcakes the same way anymore. Oh, gosh, did American Horror Story: Freak Show just ruin my taste for cupcakes? As if making my fear of clowns 10x worse wasn’t enough, now they took away my love of cupcakes! Not cool, Ryan Murphy, not cool.


AHS-Freak-Show_612x380Stanley and Maggie are truly up to no good as they devise a plan to murder the freaks in order to earn a pretty penny. Knowing that he is at risk, Maggie tries to convince Jimmy to run away from the freak show using her fake fortune telling skills, however, her plan backfires and she only ends up insulting the boy she’s grown fond of. Hurt and angry that Dell is not on stage performing for the sold out crowd, Jimmy rushes to his trailer and finds a very drunk and bitter Desiree. They start fooling around, but she begins to have vaginal bleeding and when she is rushed to the doctor she learns that she is, in fact, all woman. Her entire life believing she is both male and female has been a lie. This gives her the courage to leave Dell, once and for all, since having children with him is not something she wants to do now that she knows the truth about Jimmy.

American-Horror-Story-4x05-850x560Meanwhile, Stanley has managed to convince Bette, Dot and Elsa that he wants to give them their own television series and get them out of the small town freak show. Of course, Dot is less convinced than her sister, but ultimately, all three agree. In a fantasy sequence, we see Bette eating the cupcake that Stanley has laced with poison and she dies leaving Dot at the mercy of Stanley. Luckily this is just a fantasy and Dot refuses the cupcake for both her and her sister.

Dandy has developed a sickening new habit, killing. While Gloria Mott does her best to cover up the fact that her son murdered their housekeeper, Dandy finds himself at a gay bar looking for his next victim. Here, we also see Dell meeting with Andy (Why, hello there, Matt Bomer!), a man with whom he has been having an affair. Unfortunately, when Dell leaves hurt by Andy’s lackluster feelings toward him, 6a00d8341c730253ef01b7c701727e970b-800wiDandy moves in and tricks Andy into leaving with him. The psychopathic manchild leads Andy to Twisty’s bus where he stabs him and then begins to dismember the body. Excuse me, but I did not sign up to watch the unfairly gorgeous Matt Bomer get chopped up! As Dandy is sawing off Andy’s sexy arm we see that he’s still alive. Umm, how?

Elsa has decided to take matters with the twins into her own hands and brings them right to Gloria Mott’s door, ready and willing to make the sale the Mott’s had asked about in the beginning.

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