Let’s just say my sleep schedule is going to be messed up for the next few weeks, thanks to the latest episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show! Thanks a lot Ryan Murphy!




Edward Mordrake is still on the hunt for a new freak to add to his collection on the other side and, at the moment, he has his eyes, all four of them (Get it? I made a two-headed man joke), on Elsa. The freakshow leader recalls the tale of how she lost her legs while working as a prostitute in Germany. She never allowed men to touch her, but she was involved in the more adventurous acts, such as S&M. These things came back to bite her in the behind when a group of customers tied her to a bed and filmed as they sawed her legs off. Just as Mordrake is prepared to take Elsa with him, and she is ready to go, he hears music and takes off to find a different freak.


Meanwhile, Jimmy and Maggie have a run in with Twisty the Clown, when Jimmy sees one of the clown’s captives trying to escape and decides to help her. In probably the creepiest clown act ever, Dandy and Twisty have Maggie in a box and the rest of the captives are forced to watch as Dandy attempts to saw Maggie in half. Jimmy, using his lobster hands, is able to cut the rope binding him and he knocks Dandy out and rescues Maggie. However, when he tells the other captives to run, Twisty gets mad and knocks Jimmy unconscious, while Dandy takes off after Maggie.


As Twisty is about to kill Jimmy, he sees the same green fog that Elsa saw as Mordrake entered her tent. And in one of the most bizarre moments of my life, as Twisty told his story to Edward, I actually felt bad for the killer clown. Turns out the clown wasn’t always so disfigured or murderous, he was actually a wonderful man who loved children. The rest of the freaks in the show with him were jealous and told him that the children claimed he did bad things to them and that the cops were now after him. Twisty tries to kill himself by putting a gun in his mouth, but fails. In retaliation for all the pain he’d been caused, he began his killing spree, all the while trying to keep the children entertained. However, since he showed no remorse for the murders, Mordrake decides he is the right soul to take.


With Twisty gone, thanks to Jimmy, the townspeople come to the Freak Show to thank their savior and stay for a sold out show, which is all Elsa’s ever wanted. But it doesn’t end on a good note, of course, Dandy, wearing the clowns mask, kills his maid and I foresee a new psycho killer has been born.

American Horror Story: Freak Show airs Wednesday at 10/9c on FX Network. Watch full episodes on FXNetwork.com.

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