Okay, I feel like every episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show is scarier than the last. Am I the only one?




The episode begins in a museum dedicated to the weird and freaky, where Dr. Mansfield and his assistant, Ms. Roschild, are trying to sell one of their freaky findings. However, it turns out they are frauds, but the museum curator offers them a second chance to procure an object of freaky nature and they set their sights on Elsa’s freakshow in Florida. In order to procure their freak, Dr. Mansfield sends his assistant in to Elsa’s freakshow under the cover of Mystic Esmeralda, a psychic. Shortly after giving Elsa a fake reading, she is hired and becomes part of the freakish team. She soon runs into Dot and Bette and Dr. Mansfield is practically salivating and is determined to kill them and harvest their body to sell to the museum.


Meanwhile in town it’s Halloween time and that means our freaky Twisty the Clown can be out and about without getting much attention and he has set his sights on a new victim, a young boy who enjoys torturing his little sister.

While the clown plots his dastardly plan, Ethel, the Bearded Lady, learns devastating news from her doctor. She has sorosis of the liver and has only six months to a year to live and that’s only if she doesn’t take a single drop of alcohol. Of course, once she returns to the tent of freaks, the first thing she does is drink while she tells the circus legend of Edward Mordrake.


Edward Mordrake was a two-faced man, literally, and his second face was a vile murderous creature who forced him to kill. It is said that if any freakshow performance takes place on Halloween, it will summon Mordrake and he will not rest until he brings more freaks into the afterlife with him. However, this doesn’t stop Elsa from practicing her new song, after all Esmeralda did say a man would come to her soon and make her star again. Her rehearsal summons Mordrake, as the legend said it would.

Meanwhile back in Dandy land, due to his disdain for the costume his mother had made for him, the creepy man-child makes a costume of his own and has every intention of killing Dora, his maid. Despite his creepy nature he is unable to kill the maid and instead storms off to torment Twisty the Clown’s captives.


Back at the freakshow, Edward Mordrake has come to collect Ethel, but after she tells him the story of how Dell forced her to allow people to watch her son’s birth and then tried to make people pay to hold the “freak baby,” Mordrake’s diabolical face proclaims that Ethel is not the right one.

So who is?

After this twisted episode it took me quite a while to fall asleep and get the haunting images out of my mind. Anyone else have that reaction? Comment below.

American Horror Story: Freak Show airs Wednesday at 10/9c on FX Network. Watch full episodes on FXNetwork.com.

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