As The CW Supernatural enters it’s 10th season, we met up at SDCC with the charming cast from the fan-favorite series:  Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and newest cast regular, Mark Sheppard, along with Executive Producer, Jeremy Carver.


Jensen Ackles talks about Dean’s new life through the (black) eyes of Demon Dean; Sam’s moral dilemma, and how Dean’s demon status will impact the season.


Jared Padalecki talks about Supernatural’s 10th season, Sam confronting Demon Dean, new characters and guest stars.  He also talks a bit about his ‘real life’ son, Thomas, and hats.


Supernatural Executive Producer, Jeremy Carver, discusses Sam’s moral dilemma in his search for Dean in the new season; Dean and Crowley in the new season and Sam working with Castiel.  He also mentions a return of Sheriff Mills in a Supernatural version of The Heat.


Misha Collins, talks about Castiel’s state of mind as the new season begins; Castiel working with Sam to find Demon Dean; and the next episode of his web cooking series with his son, “Cooking Fast and Fresh with West.”


We talked to Mark Sheppard about becoming a series regular, how Crowley fits in to the story with Demon Dean and his most challenging scenes on the show.


And what is a discussion about Supernatural without pictures?!



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Season 10 of Supernatural premieres on October 7th at 9/8c on The CW.

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