The secret tunnel could be the answer that all of the resident’s of Chester’s Mill are looking for. Last episode, Sam took a leap of faith off the cliff and wasn’t seen from again. Barbie is still haunted by Sam’s death/disappearance. He’s even having nightmares. He tells Julia he wants to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended).

The Four Hands (Junior, Joe, Norrie, and Melanie) continue to stick together in a state of fear. Melanie even accidentally falls asleep on Junior’s shoulder. I want to warn her not to go down that crazy path. Junior spouts crazy things about why he didn’t sleep all night. They determine that the obelisk and Melanie’s hometown of Zenith play a part in all of this. Thanks, writers!

Barbie and Julia arrive at their house, where Melanie reveals the magic glowing egg. Julia tells her to keep it safe. Then, they tell them all about Sam, his “death” and his murder of Angie. Junior goes into deep denial and refuses to believe, but Barbie backs up Julia. Junior rushes out (as he does) and Melanie follows.

barbjulia7Barbie wants to get Sam’s body for evidence, so he gathers climbing equipment and prepares to enter the tunnel. Suddenly, Big Jim, who is becoming more of a caricature each episode, comes nosing around. Barbie lies to him and Big Jim seems to not buy it.

Down in the tunnel, Barbie descends the cliffside as Julia and Rebecca watch. Rebecca says the cliff is an anomaly; no sound, no light and she doesn’t understand. Julia doesn’t like it at all, but Barbie still descends. He even says, “Be right back,” which are the classic words you DON’T say before doing something dangerous. Sure enough, his rope gets pulled and the anchor comes loose. Julia and Rebecca grasp for dear life, but aren’t strong enough. Barbie yells at them to let it go, but Julia refuses. So, he cuts the rope with a knife, falling into darkness. Julia screams bloody murder!

Back on the surface, Junior is still having trouble accepting that Sam murdered Angie. He expresses his concerns to Melanie, but his father is lurking around and overhears. He can’t believe Sam is dead. Big Jim tells Junior that they are both strong and special. He says the Dome chose him to live, not Sam. Junior, still, is not having his dad and walks off.

As Joe examines a snow globe that Angie used to love, he remembers that the tunnel under the school wasn’t there before. He wants to know where it came from and why? He has an idea. Back at the school, Julia is a mess. Barbie is gone. Rebecca tells Julia there is no way he survived the fall. Julia says no one can know, especially not Big Jim. Speaking of Big Jim, there he is. Man, he has been lurking into conversations all episode. He confronts them about Sam and asks to see Barbie, but they both and tell him he can’t go into the unsafe tunnel. Big Jim clearly isn’t buying it.

Meanwhile, SHOCKER, Barbie isn’t dead. He wakes up in some sunny park in some other town. Zenith perhaps? Yes, it’s Zenith. He walks around the town, all bloodied and in a daze. We also see….Sam, walking around the town, all bloodied and dazed too! Sam goes to a psychiatric ward to see his sister. He is led up to the “locked” area of the ward. There is Pauline, teaching a painting class, looking normal. When she sees Sam, she drops of paint brush in shock. She seems totally normal. She asks about Junior. They have a lot to talk about.

bigjim7Back in the Dome, Julia tells Joe and Norrie about Barbie’s “death.” They are both upset, but Joe reveals the tunnel wasn’t there before and this may be all part of the Dome’s plan. They need to do something to figure it out. As a member of the high school robotics team, he has an idea. Rebecca comes home to find Big Jim creepily hiding (that’s four times now!). He confronts her, saying that crossing him is a huge mistake and he trusted her. He says he is chosen by the Dome and that she should be scared. He demands the truth and Rebecca sadly tells him Barbie is dead.

Cut to an alive Barbie in Zenith. He goes to his apartment, where he gets cash and guns from behind a painting, but then goons bust in, yelling at him, saying he was supposed to finish a job for them and he’s gonna do it now! The bald goon leader is such a bad actor it is hard to stomach it. Barbie agrees, because he kinda has too.

Sam and Pauline walk around a garden (I thought she was “locked” up?). He explains (lies) about how he got out of the Dome. She explains why she faked her suicide, thinking if she left, the Dome would come with her. She explains that she talked to Lyle often and did all she could to save the town, but failed. She then tells Sam that Lyle is here.

Back in the Dome, Joe created a robot/computer/flying camera device. They send it down the cliffside and see nothing before it disappears. Luckily, Joe is able to rewind and slow down the video, where they are able to see a playground and the obelisk! A way out?!

Back in Zenith, Barbie and a bald goon sneak around a house, but Barbie sets off the alarm purposely. It turns out he was trying to break into his father’s house! His father (Brett Cullen) confronts him and they chat over drinks. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in two years. Barbie evades his questions, but asks for a favor. He needs to get back in the Dome. His dad, who is very rich, is like, whaaat? Barbie says he needs to get a message to someone inside. His dad tells him he did everything once for his family. That Barbie’s mother just wanted Barbie to return home after his deployment, but that she got sick when he came back. Barbie begs for help.

Lyle has gone crazy. Apparently he was found unresponsive just saying, “Melanie” over and over again and is now in the psychiatric institution. Sam reveals to Pauline that the Melanie is still alive. She can’t believe it. Back in the Dome, Big Jim tightens his grip over the sheepish townsfolk by holding a vigil for the “dead” Barbie. Rebecca watches in worry. Big Jim is acting all sentimental and high and mighty. Could he be the Dome’s next cult leader…again?

meljur7Outside the Dome, Barbie’s father correctly guesses Barbie wants to go to the Dome for a woman. He can tell and he then agrees to help him for he knows what it is like to be separated from the woman you love. Okay, so how is he going to help?

At the school, Melanie and Junior arrive and join Julia, Joe, and Norrie in the tunnel with the magic egg. It starts glowing and then explodes into pink stars. It illuminates the cliffside with the images of the obelisk and Zentih. A way out? Julia thinks Barbie could be alive…. Hope!


egg7A sad music-filled montage starts, showing Pauline and Sam talking. The camera pans to a painting of a red door. Barbie and his father walk through the forest, where we see an actual red door on the ground. Come again? And that’s it for this week.

Welp, could this be the end game for “Under the Dome?” If they find a way out, isn’t the show over? Or is it just beginning? What did you guys thinks of this secret tunnel suddenly appearing with a way out? How is Barbie going to get back to Chester’s Mill? Is Big Jim really losing it…again? What is that red door? Anything can happen. Chime in below with your thoughts, comments, questions, and concerns. Until next week, steer clear of tunnels!

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