One of the top moments for me at Comic-Con this year was being on the list as press for Daniel Radcliffe‘s new movie Horns. The film, which is based off the book by Joe Hill, tells the story of a young man, Iggy, who is accused of murdering his dearly beloved girlfriend Merrin, and his quest to prove himself innocent while growing demonic-looking horns from his temples. The film is directed by Alexandre Aja, who is currently known for his work directing The Hills Have Eyes, Maniac, Mirrors, and Piranha.

Thanks to the team behind Horns, I was able to see the film prior to the press Q&A, and I can say that the film will definitely be worth seeing in theaters, as it tells a compelling story that will have viewers wrapped up within the tale as they learn the truth about Merrin’s death alongside Iggy. The film is, at its base, a morality tale reminding people that sometimes what you see/believe is not the truth.

Check out the trailer and listen to the Q&A from the press room below:

Q&A from the press room:

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