Scott and the pack try to understand what was done to Derek and how to fix it. Kate is back in town to retrieve something she needs, forcing the gang to turn to the one person they trust the least for help.

**********CAUTION********** SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD **********CAUTION**********



We find out one thing at the beginning of this episode – no matterBrULYQMCUAEyQih.jpg large who you are or how badass a Were you may be, controlling your change at the full moon is an acquired skill and not an easy one, at that. In a flashback, we see a young Peter confronting teen Derek on learning how to control his change before he hurts someone. Switch to the present and we find a wild-eyed Kate in a gas station bathroom trying to control her own ‘were’ urges, but without much luck.

We also learn that gas station attendants should leave people who lock themselves in a gas station bathroom alone (yuck!).

BrOiCdSCUAE38Bo.jpg largeBack in Beacon Hills, the wolf pack has brought a comatose Teen!Derek to Deaton for help. As they ponder the many questions this new development raises (How to wake Derek from the coma? Will he stay a teen? Why did Kate do this? Where is she now?), they realize they are way out of their league in finding the answers. But fear not, Deaton’s mind is always working and he will come up with something to answer at least one of the questions. Lydia volunteers to stay with Derek and Deaton (against vehement objections from Stiles). And Stiles was right since the next day, a dazed and confused Derek wakes up and, in his agitated state, attacks Deaton and runs away.

BrarSKQCYAAyUf4.jpg largeMeanwhile, Scott and Stiles are at school discussing how to deal with the various wolf pack problems facing them. Stiles may be in over his head in his relationship with Malia – especially since she seems to be the Alpha of the pair (“… we spent the rest of the night spooning… Yeah, but I’m always the little spoon. Always.”). He tells Scott he feels Malia knows he is holding something back and that they must tell her that Peter is her father soon. Later, at the clinic, a patched up Deaton and Lydia discuss finding the runaway Derek with Scott and Stiles. He must be headed to Hale house, which is now a burnt memory – but one that Derek doesn’t have since he has been de-aged to a point before the fire. What do they tell him when they find him?

BrKpoqhCUAIzbXr.jpg largeDerek has indeed gone to Hale House and is devastated to find his home destroyed. An unfortunate encounter with Deputy Andy Parrish and his new partner, Deputy “Asshat” Haigh (OK, I added the ‘asshat’ part), ends with poor Derek tazed and arrested. Just as Sheriff Stilinski discovers that this teenager has Derek Hale’s fingerprints, Scott and Stiles arrive to take things back under control (the term is used loosely here). They gain Derek’s trust by discretely revealing Scott’s Alpha status and promising to get Derek back to his family. Scott tells Stiles to take Derek to his house while Scott goes to talk to Peter (once again amid vehement protests from Stiles).

BradYdaCEAAX_vW.jpg largeLydia unwittingly taps into her Banshee power when she and Kira stop at a gas station and find the attendant (or most of him) that Kate left in the station bathroom (double yuck!). Malia convinces Scott to take her to confront Peter (or Satan in a V-neck, as she refers to him). Peter finally lays eyes on his daughter (unbeknownst to her) and finds she has inherited his snark. And Stiles’ long lost ‘Cousin Miguel’ makes a return when Stiles has to come up with a cover story for Teen!Derek with Scott’s Dad (who is still in town and fully into being a co-parent again). Things go awry when Dad Rafe spills the beans on what really happened to the Hale family and Stiles suddenly has a very angry wolf on his hands.

Malia wants to help Scott.phpAfter Scott and Malia break the news of Kate’s unfortunate resurrection and Derek’s mysterious de-aging, Peter reluctantly agrees to help them find her. He figures out that Kate has taken Derek back to an age where he still knew her and trusted her – and was attracted to her (which is BIG news to Scott). But Kate is way ahead of them and has found Derek and won over his trust and whisked him away from the McCall house. She has convinced him to take her to the secret Hale underground sanctuary where all of the family secrets are hidden.

Bra5DgNIAAA0K5-.jpg largeAs Scott, Malia and Peter rush to find Teen!Derek and Kate, Malia suddenly picks up on a familiar scent – and it is not a good one. Scott recognizes it, also, as whatever was tracking them in Mexico. Did Kate bring it to Beacon Hills with her? Peter also recognizes something – a familiar growl and not a good one. Berserkers! Peter urges them to run and proceeds to do just that, but Malia and Scott end up cornered by several Berserkers and fight as they may, they are no match for the hideous man-like beasts. A courageous Kira finds them and tries to battle the creatures with her kitsune powers and katana, but eventually she is beaten down. Things do not look good for the pack.

Meanwhile, in the Hale underground vault, Teen!Derek finds the item that Kate seeks, the Triskelion. Kate wants it to help her control the ‘were’ change, but Peter arrives and bursts her bubble when he tells her that the Triskelion has no magical properties and was just a prop used to teach young Weres to focus. Kate has been had and she and Peter face off, ready to fight it out.

In the midst of all this, Teen!Derek hears the growls of the Berserkers and the howls of Alpha Scott. He rushes off to help his newfound friend and arrives just as the Berserkers are closing in on an injured Scott, Malia and Kira. They watch in awe as Derek skillfully fights them off.

Back in the vault, Peter taunts Kate with how the Triskelion did not help Derek control his wolf powers, but that actually Peter taught him how to use his anger and hatred to channel his rage and control the change. And just as Peter is about to tap into some rage of his own with Kate, another intruder arrives, sending tear gas into the vault. Peter is helpless as Kate escapes and the intruder goes over to the safe in the vault and takes a large suitcase. Peter tries to intervene, but fails.

As Teen!Derek continues to fight off the Berserkers, there appear to be flashes of the adult Derek interspersed – as if the wolf was tapping into both the young and mature Derek in order to summon the strength to defeat the monsters. Suddenly, the Berserkers run off and a triumphant Derek watches them leave. He stands and as he turns, they see that he is now mature Derek again – the Derek they know. Except there is a difference now, they see as his eyes begin to glow – no longer a piercing icy blue, but a golden yellow. This may NOT be the Derek he was before.

safe_image.phpBack in the vault, Lydia and Stiles find a mumbling, incoherent Peter. He is talking about something being taken from the vault. He tells them that it was a planned heist – someone stole bearer bonds from the safe. Worth how much? 117…million.

What to make of Derek’s new eye color status? Is he Scott’s new Beta? Is he still the same type of Were he once was or is there a bit of Jaguar in him now? What does he remember of the past? Plus, who stole the bonds from the vault? Who brought the Berserkers? And when will they tell Malia that Peter is her father?  And what was that second notice that Sheriff Stilinski got from Eichen House?

BrFR-QBIgAAR5ED.jpg largeSo many questions, so much time until the next episode!

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Mondays at 10/9c.  Full episodes are also available at the MTV Teen Wolf website and On Demand (check your cable listings) as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and Google Play.




Wolf Wisdom

Teen Wolf Season 4 Cast Shot Photo Credit Jaimie Trueblood and MTVI always like to include some of my favorite quotes and exchanges from the episode.  If you have some quotes or moments you liked, please share in the comments section.

Deaton, to Scott, Stiles and Lydia: “…you all need to start taking care of your own lives again.”
Stiles, regarding Lydia staying with Teen!Derek: “Nope, still not okay with it. Not going anywhere [Scott clamps a hand on Stiles’ shoulder and pulls him away] All right… just ‘cause you’re stronger…”
Stiles, telling Scott about Malia’s nightly visits: “So it’s like two in the morning. I wake up and she’s just lying right next to me. She just sneaks in. This was like five times a week.”
Scott: “And then what happens?”
Stiles: [lifts shirt to show Scott his back]: “This.”
Scott: “Holy…”
Stiles: “Yeah. Right on, right? After that we spent the rest of the night spooning.”
Scott: “Well, that sounds OK.”
Stiles: “Yeah, but I’m always the little spoon. Always.”
Scott, regarding telling Derek the truth: “I can’t lie to him.”
Stiles: “Okay, I’ll do it.”
Sheriff Stilinski, to Scott and Stiles: “I want you to be honest with me – absolutely and completely honest… Have you been time traveling? Because if time traveling is real, you know what, I’m done! I’m out of here. You’re going to be driving ME to Eichen House.”
Scott: “We found him like that.”
Sheriff: “Where? Swimming in the fountain of youth?”
Stiles: “No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Aztec temple in Mexico underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake.”
Sheriff: “You told me you were camping!”
Scott, regarding lying to Young!Derek: “I shouldn’t have done that. I lied my ass of.”
Stiles: “Hey, your ass is fine.”
(OK, so I just liked that one because Stiles told Scott “your ass is fine.”)
Lydia to Kira, regarding Kira being forced to torture Scott: “Would I be angry? [Kira nods ‘yeah’] No. Because I knew you had no choice. Exactly like Scott knows. And if you’re worried about him, just remember – you’re a Katana-wielding badass Kitsune. And he couldn’t be more into you.”
Malia to Scott, regarding Peter: “I heard you were coming to talk to Peter. And since Lydia tells me he’s basically Satan in a V-neck, I figured you shouldn’t be alone.”
Scott: “I can handle Peter.”
Malia: “You can handle him better with me.”
Peter to Malia upon meeting her for the first time: “Beautiful eyes. Did you get them from your father?”
Malia: “Mother.”
Peter: “Interesting… [Beat]  Anyway, I’m sure they’ve told you a lot about me.”
Malia: “The homicidal killing spree came up.”
Peter: “Well, we’re all works in progress.”
Malia: “Well, when you progress to your next killing spree, why don’t you try and make sure they all stay dead.”
(Every time Malia makes a snarky comment to Peter, I just want to add “Dad” on the end – like adding “in bed” to the end of a Chinese fortune cookie proverb.)
Peter, upon hearing that Kate is alive: “Can’t someone in this town stay dead!”
Malia: “I think they were hoping you would.”
Scott, to Peter and Malia, regarding finding Kate: “…If we want to get ahead of her, we need to figure out where she’s going.”
Peter: “Not to underestimate my own cognitive faculties, but we’re not exactly a brain trust of geniuses here.”
Lydia, regarding the body at the gas station: “To be honest, I have a 4.0 in AP Biology and there are parts of the human anatomy I have never seen before on these walls.”
Peter, regarding ominous growl following him, Malia and Scott: “Oh… I’ve heard that sound before. [turns to Malia to ask about Mexico monster] Did it have an animal skull? A human wearing a skull over its face?”
Malia: “I think so.”
Scott: “What are they?”
Peter: “Berserkers.”
Peter to Malia as he stops her from attacking the Berserker: “Are you crazy?”
Malia: “There’s just one of them.”
Peter: “And that means we have a chance.”
Malia: “To beat him?”
Peter: “To survive.” [Peter turns and runs. Beat. Malia and Scott turn and run too.]
Lydia to Stiles, regarding his weapon of choice: “You seriously need to find something better than a baseball bat.”
Peter to Kate regarding the Triskelion: “Derek gave up on it back when he learned another way to control the shift — when I taught him. I taught him to use emotion… to use anger… and to focus on it; to feel every ounce of rage and hatred he could summon. It was the anger that taught him control. So you want to learn to control it? [taunts her] Wanna get angry, Kate?


And the final and most important quote / moment of the night for me was after the Berserkers were sent scurrying by a badass Young!Derek:

Scott: “Derek??!!” [Derek turns and it is mature Derek and then his eyes glow — no longer icy blue but gold.]
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